View Poll Results: Which is the best figure from TAC wave 4?

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  • M'iiyoom Onith

    3 4.55%
  • Elis Helrot

    5 7.58%
  • Boba Fett (animated debut)

    10 15.15%
  • Luke Skywalker (ROTJ)

    4 6.06%
  • CZ-4

    26 39.39%
  • Umpass-Stay

    7 10.61%
  • Concept Darth Vader

    11 16.67%
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    Best Figure of TAC - wave 4

    Continuing with our "best figure of 2007" poll series...

    Which figure do you consider the best from TAC (30th Anniversary Collection) basic wave 4?

    Remember, you can use whatever criteria you wish, it's entirely up to you. Maybe you just like the coin, or you were glad to find it, or its articulation was perfect, or you found one painted flawlessly. Whatever makes it the best in your book is fair game.

    When we get to the end of the line, we'll put the winners up against each other.

    And if you haven't voted in the Wave 3 poll yet, it'll be open until the 12th.

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    For me, this was a real turkey of a wave. 3 background nobodies, 1 background somebody, 1 dubious retool, 1 very frustrating Luke that should have been what we had been asking for yet wasn't, and a McQuarrie figure that just didn't seem to stand out as well as it should. My choice was down to Concept Vader, CZ-4, and Umpass, but all of them have their foibles: CZ-4 is a little goofy and awkward and has paint issues; Umpass is too pre-posed and his clothes get in the way too much; and Vader's kinda bland, has a WAY oversized saber hilt, neither helmet is exactly right, and the cape attaches all wrong. All that said, I chose Concept Vader because he does have the most going for him with sculpt, articulation, and accessories. But it's tragic that this wave was such a melt-down considering how much trouble it's been, first to find and then to watch pegwarm.
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    This is a tough one for me; but I eventually just had to go with CZ-4. I remember him in the Sandcrawler as the "seizure droid" as a kid, so he's always stuck out in my mind. And please spare me the explanations of how this is actually a droid from Jabba's Palace, because I don't care. He'll always be the spastic, Sandcrawler droid to me.

    The figure itself is another great example of what Hasbro can do when they put their minds to it. With his only real flaw being the lack of ball-joint shoulders. I will admit that it was really tough to find one with a decent paint app, but with patience I was able to and he's a great figure.

    Umpass-Stay was really awesome, but SE characters just don't resonate with me the way OT characters do. Plus I was slightly annoyed with Hasbro taking so many liberties with the alien design.

    McVader is another great figure, but just another Vader when it comes right down to it. If he had been the only "man in black" that we had gotten this year, he would have won my vote easily.

    Animated Fett, I really like him, but wish that Hasbro had gone with the animated style helmet on the prototype and not just a repaint of the VOTC helmet.

    Cantina Aliens - I honestly don't care enough about these guys to differentiate between the two. I'm officially bored with the ANH Cantina.

    Jedi Luke - Like JT said, should have been the figure that we've all been asking for, but ended up failing on EVERY level. A disappointing waste.

    Just a quick question: Where is the vintage-style figure poll going to fit into this? Because I had completed the VTAC collection before I saw a single figure from wave 4.
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    This is kind of a tough choice this round.
    Umpass-Stay is a big figure with some nice detail and a large accessory, but I don't like his pose.

    I'll rule out Luke because he doesn't have much new to offer, and I don't like the way that soft goods "thing" is done. Hasbro did throw us a bone though.

    The cantina aliens are decent figures with the curved pieces to complete the bar. M'iiyoom's skirt limits her leg articulation so it's kind of hard for her to sit down. Elis's design almost allows him to sit down while still standing up. His stance kind of leaves one foot sort of at an angle, so I don't like that, but overall a decent figure.

    I'll agree with bigbarada about Vader. Too many Vaders to make this one special, but an okay figure with an alternate helmet.

    CZ-4 is a good figure. Some decent articulation for a protocol droid. Plus, if they don't ever make the other CZ droids, I can get multiples to stand in for them.

    At first I wasn't going to consider Boba Fett because I thought the knees were swivel and not ball-jointed. I thought the same thing with M'iiyoom until I was looking at the Rebelscum diagrams. I started to bend one of his knees once and it looked like it wasn't meant to bend. Now that I see that he has that articulation, that's a few more points to him. So I guess that is my choice.

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    Is it just me or do these keep getting tougher?

    But at first i had to go with Fett, because it's a great figure cool weapon, cool soft goods and it was the Fett i always wanted until i got the VOTC...But it was just another Fett...i wanted to and have been trying to vote toward what i thought was the best figure of the wave...not my favorite. And with that in mind i have to give my vote to CZ-4. Other than his shoulders he's perfect, a real testament to what can be done with droids and star wars figures in general. I tell everyone that if they want what is one of if not the best figure in the TAC collection it's CZ-4.

    The Luke i liked but it was just another Luke, no one has said nothing i can do nothing but agree with on Vader (Both positve and Negative), but in the end yes it's just Vader, though a very cool Vader. Herlot and his companion for the bar sequence are very cool espically Herlot i've always wanted him just because he looks so cool for a alien in star wars. Umpass wasn't a good figure and i hate this thing, reminds me of old POTF2 days...bad flashbacks, but a cool drum piece if i dont say so myself. All in all a good wave, and the only one that really peg warms around here is Umpass, though Fett isn't to far behind.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    I oted for Umpass Stay. I know e is preposed and all, but he fits in the Cantina diorama perfectly on one of the seats.
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    I chose Boba. He just looks weird and cool.

    It seemed like all the other characters were "close, but no cigar." M'iiyoom needs to be able to sit; her and Elis's bar pieces aren't perfect; CZ-4 has wonky legs, is too dirty for my tastes, and constantly feels like he's going to break; Vader's helmets are both wrong; Umpass-Stay is pretty good but I would've preferred more articulation; Luke . . . I don't know why they made the Luke, he's OK-looking I suppose but the dickie is off-putting and I would've rather had a DSII one.
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    I voted for CZ-4. I don't associate him with the ROTJ one that is sitting in peaces (by the way, the action figure can be taken apart at the waist. It's a nifty little feture). He will always be the one wandering around the street in mos esely in episode 4.

    He is one of those figures I had been waiting my entire life for, ever since I was old enough to want an action figure, and now I got him.

    And my wife likes him too ^_^

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    CZ-4 got my vote.

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    I voted for Elis Helrot, the Givin.

    He was another figure that we at SSG selected from the Never-Made-Before group and he turned out great.

    The Fett might actually be better, but I never asked for him, nor did most people I know.

    Umpass-Stay continues to be a very impressive sculpt in his details. Would he have been more articulated...

    We also asked for CZ-4 and Myoom Onith, but the latter doesn't really interest me, just serves to help fill the cantina which is of importance. Having a new OT droid sculpt is very cool though.
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