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    Force Unleashed Commemorative Figure Sets!

    These are Wal-Mart exclusives.
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    Commemorating what exactly?

    I guess it's the commemoration of "There are no more movies, the TV show is getting perpetually delayed and all we have to offer is this crappy video game - so suck it up, fanboys!"

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    Pretty cool sets. Especially the Emperor Palpatine one.

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    I like the Emperor set, but the Vader set is Meh. I'm getting tired of the repaints, and worse now that they are repainting Stormtroopers. I don't mind the shadow ones, but I could do without the flavor of the month troopers...
    Move along, move along

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    Heh, the Red and White Stormtroopers are called "Incinerator Troopers"...

    Yeah they should be thrown into an incinerator (melted down and remolded into a better figure...)
    Move along, move along

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post
    Yeah they should be thrown into an incinerator (melted down and remolded into a better figure...)

    the Palpy set looks nifty. And i'm really excited about this game. Force movements and lightsaber goodness via the Wii!! EEEEEK!
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    I am not really impressed by these either. I am also getting tired of the trooper repaints. I am hoping I am a little more jazzed by the time the game comes out. I am already kind of unleashed out...
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    Meh, they'll probably be cheap, at least. I hope the painted stormtroopers craze doesn't last past this game; I thought the all-white troopers were supposed to be a galaxy-wide recognizable sign of Palpatine's rule, and why they switched from the ROTS armor the ANH stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    Commemorating what exactly?
    The launch of the game maybe?

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    Seeing as how LA Walmarts get only a tiny allotment of exclusives as it is, I'm just going to tell myself that I'll never see them and that I've no desire to have them either.


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