This movie comes out in March and stars Ryan Phillipe as a Army Soldier or Marine who has served 3-4 years in Iraq and is due for discharge.

As is the current case in real life, many soldiers are not allowed to be processed for discharge and are being sent back for another tour of duty, saying it's what's being asked of them for their country.

I am a little surprised that this film isn't being rallied against yet by Bill O'Reiley and others, as the lead character in the film becomes a deserter and takes off on the run with his young wife in the preview I saw. It is quite the opposite of the patriotism that the neo-cons have been trying to promote.

My guess is it will be a banned movie at military facilities and it might be censored and confiscated as a DVD if sent to any of our troops.

Ultimately, the AWOL soldier (or Marine) becomes a war protester as what I saw suggested (though I haven't seen anything but maybe 10 minutes or less of select clips from the movie).

It is an interesting examination of what a man owes his fellow companions in arms, contrasted with what he owes his wife and himself.