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    So..what's out on 4.23?

    One of the posts put the Gunship in July. Has Hasbro put out a list of what will be out when yet? It appears to me that all we will see on the 23rd will be the 14 figures, 4 deluxe, Slave 1, Reek, and the speeders. How about the Acklay and the Arena and the other figures we see? I know there is a lot of guessing but has anything OFFICIAL been stated?

    Also, someone stated they saw an Anakin Jedi somewhere at the show but I can't seem to spot him anywhere...anyone with a link?

    ALSO, is that Yoda a deluxe figure or C1?

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    The Republic Gunship is out in Fall. I believe the Yoda is a C1. Also, I think that the Acklay is out on my birthday (4.23). I also believe the Jedi Starfighter will be out.
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    Hey.....Jar Jar.....

    Can anyone elaborate on the "Spoiler" figures that will be released "supposedly" in late May/June? One post hinted at a Padme from the begining of the movie (as a Naboo pilot I would guess), could the Jedi Anakin also be in this group? Anyone else?


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