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    Memory Wipe: Why not R2 too?

    At the end of ROTS, Jimmy Smits Bail Organa tells the dayplayer Extra to have the protocol droid's memory erased.

    I'm pretty sure we can assume it's because of everything that Threepio has seen and heard, mostly about the twins so that the secret of their existence and locations can remain.

    But why not Artoo as well? Astromech droids can only communicate out loud with unintelligible (to humans) beeps, boops, and bops. But that doesnt' mean that R2 couldn't be a source of information, via a download or another English speaking protocol droid. Right? Artoo poses an even greater security risk because of his ability to plug directly into other computers.

    So why wouldn't Jimmy Smits Bail Organa also wipe Artoo's memory?

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    I've wondered this too but maybe they see astro droids as more reliable and wanted Artoo to be kept unwiped as "living" history of what had happened. Off the top of my head I can't recall anything that Artoo may have seen that would have dire consequences for anyone.
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    They wiped Slicker, but not his mom. Curious.
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    I like Slicker's answer. R2 being my favorite, I like thinking of him as having been used as a repository for lots of information important to the new Rebellion right from the beginning.

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    Bail's "Buy 1 Memory Wipe Get 1 Free" coupon had just expired so, being extremely homophobic, Bail had the Threepio's memory wiped to "erase the demons."

    And then he forgot about Artoo.
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    3PO's memory wipe was pretty lame, but if Lucas had done it to R2 as well, basically he would have been admitting the prequels were essentially all just a dream sequence, none of it mattered and may never have happened - if the droids are the storytelling vessels for the audience that he claims they are.
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    As I have stated repeatedly, the prequels don't match the original trilogy at all. Does anyone else believe that R2 spent all of the time with Obi-wan ROTS and the EU and that was all the interaction they had?

    And R2 was with Yoda at Polis Massan, but yet they did there little wrestling match on Dagobah.

    And R2 never once made any comment at all to Luke about Anakin Skywalker? They clearly had conversations (see the cockpit sequences in Empire and Jedi).

    The prequels should have had the droids on the periphery of the story, never really interacting with Anakin, Obi-wan, or Yoda.


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