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    Movies that still need to be released on DVD

    I could've sworn there was a thread around here about this. Maybe Caesar and his golden shovel can find it, and we can get a merge on here.

    One that comes to mind, that I'd love to see again: Big Man on Campus. This is a really stupid comedy, I'll admit, but I'm kinda fond of it. It aired on HBO quite a bit in the early 90s (it was like Midnight Madness had been in the early 80s). Basically a knockoff of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where a Quasimodo type named Bob Maloogaloogaloogaloogalooga (swear to God) is found living in the clock tower of a college. Of course, being an 80s comedy, someone gets the idea to have him attend the school.

    Like I said, stupid movie, but I can't tell you how often my friends and I used to quote the "two speeds" line. (At the risk of crossing the line, it went something like, "Bob once make nookie with Chrysler Towncar, and campus washer dryer, and Hoover vaccuum cleaner--two speeds! Vrrooom, VRROOOM!!" I've probably got it wrong, but it's been almost twenty years, so cut me some slack!)
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    Obviously - The Star Wars Holiday Special.
    George/Lucasfilm really need to lighten up and give the fans what they want. Everyone knows how terrible it is and thats why its so fun. Lucasfilm could even embrace the horridness of it and have some fun with the DVD. Get Bea Arthur and Carrie Fisher to do commentaries, a mockumentary, sing-along tracks, get the MST3K guys together for an alternate viewing mode, ect.
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    Moving starring Richard Pryor, Randy Quaid, Beverly Todd, Stacy Dash, and Morris Day from THE MOTHERF***ING TIME

    Angus starring that Charlie guy, Kathy Bates, George C. Scott, Sherminator from American Pie, and James Vanderbeek

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Moving starring Richard Pryor, Randy Quaid, Beverly Todd, Stacy Dash, and Morris Day from THE MOTHERF***ING TIME
    I love the "we're taking it with us."

    Btw, this movie is on DVD, part of a Richard Pryor double feature.
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    I was unaware of that. Thanks for the heads up !

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    I want Dark Night of the Scarecrow. I think it might be on VHS, but my only copy of it is on BETA. Definately needs a DVD release, because Bubba didn't do it.
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    Star Wars Episodes IV, V, & VI.... wait you said thing that need to be released on DVD, not what shouldn't be released on DVD in another incarnation.

    Beatles - Let It Be (love me some Beatles)

    but what I really hate not being on DVD is Disney's SONG OF THE SOUTH!! Put it out on DVD already with that guy giving a little intro saying how it isnt Disney's view right now but at the time thats how people thought! I love me some Brer Rabbit!!


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