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    Coolest ATOC Toy Ship?

    Okay, this hasn't been much discussed, but which is your favorite of the new vehicles? I will definitely be picking up Zam's Cruiser. I really dig the overall design, colors, and unique cockpit of this one. It's just VERY Star Wars to me.

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    Which is the one you'll have to have?

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    Zam Wesell's Vessel is pretty cool, not to mention nice sounding when said together. "Zam Wesell's Vessel" But back to the topic, I would have to say I like the Republic Gunship, and the Jedi Starfighter the best. Even though the gunship looks a little G.I. Joeish, I bet it will look great on film. Plus that's a prototype, I don't expect the actual released version to look that clean looking. Bring them all on though, I'll buy 1 of each. Maybe two of a couple.

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    With no contest it's the Republic Gunship. It's a totally new ship that looks totally awesome, and it doubles as a carrying case.
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    Thumbs up yup!

    I agree. I like what I see of the Republic Gunship. I am looking forward to that a lot. The Slave I and the Speeders look nice too.
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    My favorite vehicle is the jedi starfighter. Pretty good design. A bit small, but jedi don't need much anyway.

    The gunship is my 2nd favorite, but it just looks a bit too much like an earthly attack helicopter with some x-wing parts attached for me to really like it that much. I think those guns/engines on top look funky too, but not too bad.

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    Well there's no question about it, baby, the Republic Gunship, hands down. Its big, it holds figures, its cool, what more could you want?

    I also like Zam's speeder, that's pretty darn spiffy as well.
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    I'd have to say the Republic Gunship.Second would be Zam Wessels Vessel.Both are very interesting and nicely done pieces.
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    Jedi Starfighter.

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    I think the Gunship is the best since well, it's like a GI Joe trooper carrier. It's the kind of toy that should've been released just cause for Stormtroopers.

    I think it's like this:
    1. Gunship
    2. Jedi Starfighter
    3. Slave 1
    4. Zam's Speeder
    5. Anakin's speeder (since it's nothin' real special or anything...)
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    In my opinion...

    1. Jedi Starfighter
    2. Republic Gunship
    3. Zam Wesell's Speeder
    4. Slave I
    5. Anakin's Speeder

    See? See?! SEE???!!! I DO like SOME of this stuff!!!!
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