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    How much of your collection is displayed/stored

    Most of us here have very large collections filled with toys from the modern lines and some of us have also kept the original toys from Kenner that got us interested in the first place.

    It would take a very large room to put everything on display and it's unlikely that most of us enjoy that kind of space.

    So what percentage of your collection is out on display and how much of it is boxed up sitting in some dark room someplace? Do you rotate the display items? What reasons do you keep specific items out and leave others in storage? Do you do "themes" or just random displays of favorite items? Do you dream of having everything out one day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid View Post
    So what percentage of your collection is out on display and how much of it is boxed up sitting in some dark room someplace? Do you rotate the display items? What reasons do you keep specific items out and leave others in storage? Do you do "themes" or just random displays of favorite items? Do you dream of having everything out one day?
    Right now I only have out the holiday items. I recently had the cantina scene out and then set up a Jabba's palace scene. I usually only have out the current batch of figures I just bought.

    Almost all of it is in storage all the time. This has led me to thin my collection over time and there are a few big items I am thinking of putting in the next garage sale. If in the five years I've had a house I haven't EVER displayed the TIE Fighter why do I need to keep it?

    Not having room to dispaly everything has helped me to see what I really like. I get out the cantina or Jabba's Palace at least once a year. I like when I get out all of my Echo base figures. I bought so much stuff to set up the arena from Episode II and probably only set it up once. I never display prequel stuff so why do I buy any of it and why don't I sell it to free up some storage?

    Usually I either set up a scene or have stuff I bought recently out. Many times the newest figure out can cause me to set up a scene that centers around that figure. When they put out the Ewok 2-pack I dug out my Ewoks and set up a little Endor scene. When they put out the honor guard figure I set up a little medal ceremony.

    I used to dream of having it all out somewhere; of course, I never imagined how much they would make. Then I thought I would set up all of my figures from each movie and then rotate which movie I was displaying. I don't have space for that either. I bought too many Chewbaccas, Vaders, etc. because I thought I'd have all these scenes set up at once and I now realize I wouldn't do that even if I had the space.

    Suddenly I am depressed.

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    99.9% is in my storage unit. Waiting for the day I get a house and can display it all.

    you all know my plans for those huge dioramas. Those will house a great lot of my figs and ships.

    But for now, sadly nearly all is in storage.

    heck I get a new figure, I crack it open, examine it for a few minutes, then in a plastic baggie it goes to be catalogued later then stored. Sad...

    However, because I'm cutting back next year, it's also given me cause to cull from my collection that which I do not want any longer. So I'll have less in my collection, but really more of what I truly want (or want to keep in this case).

    Strangely enough the one thing that stays on permanent display is a loose Boba Fett Unleashed, and my signed play lightsaber (Signed by Weird Al).

    Otherwise, it's just stuff that's out but not really display, that I've purchased in the last 4-6 weeks (awaiting to be bagged and tagged..).

    Move along, move along

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    Right now all of my 3 3/4 inch figures are on display on a very large book shelf, which is full...Then another smaller book shelf is full as well (Mainly with PT stuff) All my 12" stuff is in storage, all of my carded figures are in storage, all my kenner stuff is in storage, all my higher end stuff is in storage, so my ships, speeders, and such are in storage, i have a room which i wish to dedicate to star wars though that takes time, and time is something i don't have a whle lot to devote to when it comes to Star Wars displays. This is a sad topic...Alot of stuff and little to no room to display it.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    I have a very small percentage of my stuff displayed. In fact, I can list it:

    Yoda & Kybuck
    Clone Wars Animated Greivous
    Hermie Odle
    Ephant Mon
    Hoth Battle Pack "blue" Han Hoth VTAC
    Vintage Vader
    Vintage Orange Snake Yoda

    The other 300+ figs are all stored.

    I'm like Sal -- waiting for a house to properly display the gems, and even then I will probably only do two lit glass display cases worth.

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    Up until recently, everything was on display (there are pictures in the collections section of the photo gallery) and took up a wall in my room, a wall in the basement, and various other places. It's now mostly in boxes, as we're moving into a new house nearby (albeit extremely slowly). I will eventually set it up in the basement all together, but apparently we have to wait a while to finish the basement. And this time next year I'll be at college, so I don't know when I'll be able to have them all out (they'll likely stay at home until I get my own place).
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    Nice idea for a thread.

    At this point, just about everything in my collection (Star Wars or otherwise), is boxed and stacked up about 5 feet from where I'm sitting (the basement) right now. We just moved into this house a few months ago, and I'm still rotating through and renovating the rooms.

    With that said... I tailored down my collection quite a bit before the move(s), and though I'm sure not all of it will be out on display in the future, I'd like to think that a lot of it will.

    I tend to collect more than just Star Wars though, and so most of the displaying will be done by toy theme: A case (something old and victorian) in the living room for all of our old-ish tin toys and the like. A small shelf here and there, or built into the wall for vintage ('60-'70s) Japanese toys. Shelves in my (small) office for a few key Sci-Fi and comic book related props, toys, etc. The basement is where we'll be putting the TV and video game stuff, so I'll have some display room down there (here) once everything's done.

    I do tend to change things out, and rotate displays depending on what I'm interested in at any given time though. That's very much the case with Star Wars... ultimately I'll probably favor displaying vintage toys, with much of the "modern" stuff staying packed away.

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    I'd say about half my collection(the clone troopers mostly and OT troop builders) is proudly displayed.

    The rest is in a storage bin, but loose. I just don't have room right now to display more. As it is my Lord of the Rings collection is stored in bins. I'd love to have the room and shelves to display everything.
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    Displayed - 0%

    Stored - 100%

    Unfortunately I have everything in storage just waiting for the glorious day when it can finally see daylight and be displayed again.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!

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    I have displayed all my small loose and carded Vintage collection, carded neo-Vintage and OTC, and carded McQuarries; a couple Unleashed, 2 LEGO ships, and 7 shelves of OT 3 3/4" figures. Also my Y-Wing, A-Wing, Cantina bar, and 2 POTF2 Banthas.

    Everything else -- ships, Unleashed, 12", a couple hundred loose figures -- is in storage. I'm whittling that down year by year, as I find kids who want the old POTF2 and POTJ figures.


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