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    Talking well its about time!

    Im sure everyone knoews hat hasbro made a Episode 2 Palpatine's Royal Guard!!! Since sirsteve dosn't have the pic. Head over to Rebelscum! In fact they have pics of the whole toy fair!!!!!!

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    and hopefully we will get the Lost Twenty!

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    What are the lost twenty? The Royal Guard looks pretty nice.
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    I doubt Lucas even knows who the other 19 are. They don't factor into the film anyways, so we're just left with the one that matters.

    The Royal Guard is still a dull statue with added electro-crop.
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    As long as they don't make figures of the Nsync Jedi's, I'll be happy.

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    *spoiler* (Even though if you're here, you're already spoiled)

    The lost twenty is a plot point to introduce Count Dooku in AOTC. Twenty jedi left the order and Dooku, one of the film's main characters, is one of them. The other 19 will probably never be heard or seen from in the movie.


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