View Poll Results: Which is the best figure from TAC wave 8?

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  • Clone Trooper (Training Fatigues)

    2 3.57%
  • Padme Amidala

    11 19.64%
  • Jango Fett

    12 21.43%
  • Voolvif Monn

    11 19.64%
  • Destroyer Droid (with shield)

    2 3.57%
  • Concept Rebel Trooper

    18 32.14%
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    Best Figure of TAC - wave 8

    Continuing with our "best figure of 2007" poll series...

    Which figure do you consider the best from TAC (30th Anniversary Collection) basic wave 8? This is the final wave of 2007.

    Remember, you can use whatever criteria you wish, it's entirely up to you. Maybe you just like the coin, or you were glad to find it, or its articulation was perfect, or you found one painted flawlessly. Whatever makes it the best in your book is fair game.

    When we get to the end of the line, we'll put the winners up against each other.

    And if you haven't voted in the Wave 7 poll yet, it'll be open until the 21st.

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    I gave my vote to the concept rebel soldier figure. It's preaty cool, and I just wish I could find the concept figures so I could actualy buy them! May do that after Xmas and the prices on Ebay drop down a bit . . .

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    I've not seen these over here yet, but from the pics I've seen, my vote has to go to Voolvif Monn.... the only alien in this batch, and a jedi to boot!
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    I went with Voolvif Monn, great figure
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    I went with Jango Fett.

    He was another winner of the SSG Figures-Never-Made-Before Polling that we did in 2004-2005 and while 2 others in this wave were as well (Padme and the Training Fatigues Clone), Jango was the best executed I guess. I gave serious thought to voting for the training Clone actually.

    Jango has a new sculpt and lots of useful accessories.

    The Training Clone is also a new (and first) sculpt (I bet they repaint him in a blue jumpsuit at some point - I think the colors denoted rank, not sure how it applies to adult clones in training. Adults wearing the same blue color as the kids were scene at extreme distance, practicing hand-to-hand combat while Obi-Wan toured Kamino.)

    Padme was highly sought after, but something's not right with the face sculpt. I wanted this figure, as well as like 20 other figures of her from all the prequels combined, but the execution on this one (maybe at the factory?) wasn't as good as it could have been.

    Voolvif Monn was an extremely fun figure. I agree with Kidhuman that it's a great sculpt. I wasn't going to buy the figure, but liked it so much I wound up getting it anyway. No, I didn't ask for this. But I'll insert one in my dioramas somewhere.

    Destroyer Droid (with shield) - I actually think this one looks good. At least it did both in the package and on display at Comic Con. I might pick up a couple just for the heck of it. I don't think they'll fit in the dioramas I presently have planned because they take up more room with the shields, but maybe I'll figure out something.

    If they stopped here, Wave 8 was a good wave!

    Concept Rebel Trooper - who got his head stuck in a giant clam or something? This has got to be the dumbest McQuarrie figure of the whole lot. (Some of them I really like btw - but probably most people just can't like everything). But I don't care how rare it is, or whatever. I so won't touch this figure!
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    I voted for Jango because of the poncho, the good likeness of Temura, the removable armor and the articulation

    Padme and Voolvif were close seconds

    the clone in training is OK, but I wasn't too impressed with the look once the armor was put on

    Hasbro could have sold me just the 2 parts of the shield instead of another destroyer droid and half of the shield

    I am totally unfamiliar with this McQuarrie design, but it looks like it has potential
    I can't wait to open this one
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    Voolvif Monn is the only one that I haven't seen, and it's really only one of two that I want from this wave. I did find the concept Trooper the other day though, and it's a very cool little figure, so it gets my vote.

    I've gotta add... I did also buy the Jango Fett figure (for my son), but haven't opened it yet. I was surprised by how decent it was.

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    I don't have any of these yet, but I'll go with Jango on this one. A good figure from a key scene in AOTC.

    The concept trooper looks kind of goofy.

    I don't know how well I'll like the Destroyer Droid shield. Unless they make a droideka that actually folds up and rolls, I doubt I'd ever vote for one.

    Padmé was a figure I wanted, but agree that it wasn't executed as well as it could have been.

    Wolfman Jedi looks pretty good, however, with feet like that, he looks like he may not stand well. Now we just need Shaggy Jedi to go with him and Roron Corobb.

    Training Clone looks pretty good without the armor, and was a figure I wanted to see made.

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    Clone Trooper (Training Fatigues) - a decent figure but I don't like snap on armor

    Padme Amidala - this figure got my vote. not enough Padme come down the pipes and this one was done really well. I know some have issues with the head sculpt but given Hasbro track record it is pretty good.

    Jango Fett - I like this figure and that is something since I really don't get excited about Mandos/Fetts anymore.

    Voolvif Monn - A decent figure but not one I'm excited about getting

    Destroyer Droid (with shield) - I was still holding out hope that this would look half way decent in the sheild. But I couldn't even stand the figure inside the sheild. I will likely display the sheild and the figures seperately since you can't see the figure anyway. I understand Hasbro thought the pegs would be too distracting but I would have much rather had pegs than no visibility.

    Concept Rebel Trooper - The concept didn't fly well with me so I am not excited about getting the figure. Looks like the Quahog Clam mascot to me.
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    I haven't seen these in person yet, so I'll just have to vote for the one I'm most excited about.

    That would be Voolvif Monn.

    Padme and the Rebel Trooper are tied for a close second.

    The destroyer droid looks pretty cool, and I could use another one. The blast shield accessory is pretty sweet looking!

    The clone and Jango I'm not totally interested in. I may pick these up but if I never see them that would be ok too.
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