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    AOTC Action Fleet?

    Whats the deal? Great the Action Fleet is back, but just three sets from the classic trilogy? Where are the Attack Of The Clones sets??? Don't get me wrong the new sets look great, but they were done.

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    im with you there lets gets some more ships and action fleet beast too!!!

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    I'm in total agreement with you, especially since Hasbro did such a good job with AF Ep1.

    Imagine the possibilities for AOTC:
    Jedi Starfighter
    Slave I
    Republic Gunship
    Dooku's Solar Sailor
    Zam's speeder
    Anakin's speeder
    Naboo Starship
    Another sandcrawler
    Troop transporter

    etc., etc.

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    i just want em all!

    and what about mm's, die cast's and x-rays?

    i want em all!

    as fer the retreads, i'm actually hoping that they used a bunch of old af's they had laying around, to test out the new packaging!

    did anyone notice, that not only was vaders tie the battle damaged one, but also that the top hatch was fully transparent?

    da heck's up with the paint job (or should i say lack there of?) on the x-wing?

    c'mon hasbro! you can do better than that!

    c'mon, get on the stick! if you're gonna give us classic, then give us the previously shown star destroyer, and death star II!

    there are now quite a few action fleet which have been tooled, shown, yet not released. befor giving us retreads, give us the stuff that has yet to be released!

    arrgggh! it's way to early in the morning to be throwin' a wobbly
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    The following would be well received:

    Imperial Star Destroyer
    Imperial Probot
    Rebel Transport
    Escort Frigate
    Mon Calamari Star Cruiser
    Super Star Destroyer Executor
    Bespin Cloud City
    Battle-damaged vehicles: A-Wing, Y-wing & TIE Fighter.

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    We'll be seeing Ep 2 Action Fleet in stores... just not at Toy Fair. Dunno why Hasbro did that, but don't read anything into it either. I want to see Die Casts back so badly.
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    Thumbs up excellent list jonofett!

    welcome to the micro machines section. our brit contigency is growin' by leaps and bounds!

    some of your items that you list can be found in action fleet scale.

    the probot came with the death star playset complete with a clear capsul for hurtlin' through space. (however the probot itself is the same size as the mm version)

    the rebel transport was made as a mm playset. but it's scale proportions, as well as operating features is action fleet all the way.

    the same can be said for the star destroyer, it too was made as a mm playset. the set came complete with an mm blockade runner which fits neatly into a a tractor beam gurney which can be lowered through the docking bay opening on the underneath of the play set.

    bespin cloud city was only made as an mm playset. it would have been cool if they hade made a playset on the same scale as the action fleet playsets for yavin base, hoth, and the death star.

    as for the super star destroyer, only two toy products of that ship have ever been made, the mm version, and the kenner collectors fleet version (which btw can be considered action fleet size) kenner/hasbro had made 3 of these collector fleet sized ships, the super star destroyer (which unfortunately due to limited shipping, go's fer about $100.00 on ebay), a star destroyer, and the blockade runner, (these two ships where distributed widely, and thus are reasonably inexpensive on ebay, plue they can still be found in discount stores)

    there were plans for a mon calamari cruiser in this same line, but unfortunately the line was dropped before this ship could see the light of day.

    as fer battle damed vehicles, they're really not my cappa tea, but hey, if they make em, i'll by them!
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    GSJ: There are actually three versions of the Super Star Destroyer. You left out the Die cast version.

    Are there pictures available somewhere of the soon to come AFs? LMK.


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    Ep2 Action Fleet list

    Some time in November I found a listing of supposed AOTC Action Fleet. I found it at another SW websight. On the list was the Falcon, X-Wing, and Vaders Tie. I'm going to look for it now and will post what I find later on.

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    The Collector's Fleet SSD is actually in scale with the Die Cast Star Destroyer. I have my CF SSD being escorted by 2 DC SDs.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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