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Thread: Walk Hard

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    Walk Hard

    Man, this was a funny movie. Dewey Cox is up there with Spinal Tap as one of the great fake musicians. Since Judd Apatow's name was attached to this, I was excited about it. It's a great parody of the recent music biopics, but unlike recent parody films like "Scary Movie 4", "Date Movie" and "Epic Movie", this one is actually funny. And not just funny. Hilarious. That's thanks mostly to John C. Reilly, who stretches out his comedic talent here far more than he did in "Talladega Nights". Tim Meadows steals a lot of scenes as Dewey's doped up drummer. But my personal favorite scene of the movie was when Dewey met The Beatles. That was some funny, funny stuff, especially the banter between John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I also loved the cameos from a lot of the Apatow movie regulars, like Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill. One thing I did notice about the movie was that it was edited to pieces. A lot of stuff from the trailers, like Dewey punching out Patrick Duffy and the sausage commercial ("It don't taste like Cox unless I say it tastes like Cox") is missing. I can't really imagine why, as the movie's only an hour and a half. I'm expecting an extended cut of the movie on DVD. I didn't think it was the funniest movie of the year (that credit goes to "Superbad"), but it's the second funniest.
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    It was okay. It had many funny parts to be sure, but I think I was expecting more...those deleted scenes Double G mentioned were GLARING to me as well. Overall I'd give it a solid B. Definitely better than Talladega, for sure.

    Spinal Tap, it ain't though.

    Also, Jenna Fischer is tasty.

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    As seen by my shiny new avatar, I just saw this movie and loved it. Completely ridiculous, but a spot-on parody of biopics.

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    If it had been released in a week when it wasn't so crowded (it came out on the same day as "National Treasure 2", "Sweeney Todd", among others), it might have done better. If they had released it in the week before "Cloverfield" came out, it would have had no competition. But anyway, I think this is a movie that will do much better on DVD anyway.
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    Has anyone seen the unrated version yet? If so, how does it compare to the theatrical one? I want to get this on DVD but don't know which version I'll pick.

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    Well, to answer your question, No, I have not seen the Unrated cut. BUT, the 2-disc Unrated version contains BOTH versions, theatrical and unrated directors cut. So I would get the Unrated version because it has more content.
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    I suppose I'll have to get a burned copy of this so I can see all the stuff from the trailer that wasn't in the movie.


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