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    New Giant Scene-By-Scene Figures Never Made Before Poll Planned for 2008

    Almost definitely slated to begin August 1, 2008 to be completed and delivered to Hasbro at Comic Con 2009, this thread poll is being designed now.

    The best of the Expanded Universe's Top 50 that are selected in the poll now linked to by my signature (managed by Mad Slanted Powers) will be inserted into a scene-by-scene (or era-by-era) showdown.

    I don't want to do a huge ranking list at this point if it is at all feasible to do it another way. That is what this thread is going to explore.

    The reason is that in this way characters compete against their peers where possible, and we come up with a mix instead of just background randoms from the movie still outranking major characters from the EU just because of prejudices of one segment of collectors. However, if that is truly the result of a fair vote, we will still see that.

    Here is what I am thinking:

    ROUND 1: 27 contests (that's just the number the current list is working out to) - my example uses 4 groups to keep it simple.

    1 Exar, Nomi, Ulic, Bastila (there will actually be about 7-13 choices in each subset)
    2 Owen, Beru, Cliegg, Utai
    3 Han Ceremony, Torryn Far, Luke Medical, Guri
    4 Corran Horn, Nom Anor, Jacen, Jaina

    winners? Exar, Cliegg, Guri, Nom Anor

    ROUND 2: Rank Top 27 from the winners (now everyone lists)
    Order selected?

    Cliegg, Nom Anor, Exar, Guri

    ROUND 3:

    Cliegg is No. 1 - that's obvious.
    Nom Anor will compete against Owen, Beru, Utai since only a 2nd set winner outranked it.

    Let's say group 2 continues to win...


    Nom Anor vs Owen, Beru

    Nom Anor finally wins

    Nom Anor

    Now Exar competes since group 1’s winner was the next to rank under groups 2, and 4

    Exar vs Corran, Jacen, Jaina. Exar wins:

    Cliegg (group 2)
    Utai (group 2)
    Nom Anor (group 4)
    Exar Kun (group 1)

    Now Guri competes since group 3’s winner was the next to rank under groups 2, 4, and 1:

    Guri vs. Nomi, Ulic, Bastila

    We go on until Guri places:

    Cliegg (group 2)
    Utai (group 2)
    Nom Anor (group 4)
    Exar Kun (group 1)
    Bastila (group 1)
    Ulic (group 1)
    Guri (group 3)

    Now we have 7 out of the Top 50 ranked. We do another round of voting in the subsets of the remaining figures.

    1) Nomi, (there will now be fewer choices in each subset, and each ranking vote will narrow the choices down more)
    2) Owen, Beru,
    3 Han Ceremony, Torryn Far, Luke Medical,
    4 Corran Horn, Jacen, Jaina

    We come up with the winners of each subset:

    1) Nomi
    2) Beru
    3) Luke Medical
    4) Corran Horn

    We have a Top 27 ranked list from them (remember our example has only 4 choices)

    We get:

    Beru, Luke Medical, Corran Horn, Nomi

    We add Beru to the bottom of our previously established 7:

    Cliegg (group 2)
    Utai (group 2)
    Nom Anor (group 4)
    Exar Kun (group 1)
    Bastila (group 1)
    Ulic (group 1)
    Guri (group 3)
    Beru (group 2)

    Now Luke Medical faces Owen since only Group 2 outranked the group 3 winner. Luke gets it.

    Cliegg (group 2)
    Utai (group 2)
    Nom Anor (group 4)
    Exar Kun (group 1)
    Bastila (group 1)
    Ulic (group 1)
    Guri (group 3)
    Beru (group 2)
    Luke Medical (group 3)

    We now have the Top 9 out of the Top 50

    And the exercise continues until we have a Top 50.

    We will know very early on who the Most Wanted Figure is, so there will be no surprise there as the example above illustrates.

    The real reason to hold one’s breath would be to see if your favorites all make the cut-off. Out of approximately 237 (not counting write-ins), only 50 will make the list (or should we go for a Top 100? – I think that could be done).

    Do you guys understand the method? It should give every section leader a chance to dominate their category, but if the EU can’t outrank the movie figures by democratic vote, there will be the chance to see that, as well as OT preference over PT and so forth.

    What are your thoughts?
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    I vote no!

    While these lists are entertaining and the first scene by scene thread was one of the most fun experiences I've had on this site, we have two very good lists between the first Top 50 and the ROTS list. I say we let Hasbro keep plugging away at those.

    We should not add EU. Keep them separate and just give them a list of the figures people most want from the EU as generated in that thread. Comparing figures from the movies and EU is really apples and oranges.

    Until they make one of the Solo kids and Luke's kid I wouldn't consider that they are really listening to fans yet on EU as those are pretty obvious choices they are overlooking.

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    I'm not entirely clear on how it works. Let me see if I got it right.

    Round 1 = Vote for our favorites in each of 27 categories

    Round 2 = Vote for our favorite from the 27 winners.

    Round 3 = 2nd place in Round 2 competes against the remainder of the group that the winner of Round 2 came from. This is repeated until Round 2 #2 wins. Then Round 2 3rd place finisher competes against the remainder of the group Round 2 #2 was from until it wins. And so on.

    Seems like an okay method. I guess this thread can work out any problems it might have before we actually start.

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    Yes. Mad Slanted Powers, you got it straight.

    Droid, your vote is registered as "no."

    I take it that MSP's is a "yes," and therefore we have

    1-1 thus far (favor /oppose)

    I'll break a tie if it ever gets to that point by the end of July 2008.

    To address Droid's concern, as yes, I want our original 2 Top 50 lists (Kidhuman's and the original Scene-By-Scene poll) all made. We're at 42%, but Toy Fair 2008 (February) and Comic Con 2008 (July) may propel us over 50% and even (taking rumors into account) up to 68%.

    I agree we should get 100% but appearances concern me when we get down to a petition for a Jocasta Nu figure, citing demand for her in 2004, without an update (if she's still not made). I also think Jaina Solo is more in demand than Jocasta Nu, but I've no doubt that Jocasta will make the new Top 100 list or whatever it turns out to be.

    There will be 50 EU spots (that Mad Slanted Powers has been working on - that poll will probably be closed at the end of June 2008 so that there can be an exclusively EU Want List reported to Hasbro at July's Comic Con) and there are 29 "Top 50" 5-movie figures from the old Scene-By-Scene list that still aren't made. (I'm not sure of Kidhuman's present list's statistics). Finally, there are 7 remaining un-made from the ROTS "Top 20" list. So that means 86 figures would easily fit into a Top 100, with 14 more spaces for newbies to rank.

    All our remaining 5-movie Top 50 and the ROTS options will no doubt make the new list. Finally, 36 of Kidhuman's polling results matched with the results of my method - perfectly cementing the case for the demand of the 5-movie figure poll winners. There are obviously room for 14 differences garnered with those results.
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    Jocasta Nu is way cooler than some EU Solo brat.

    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beast View Post
    Jocasta Nu is way cooler than some EU Solo brat.
    Preach on!

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    Sorry Tycho, you lost me...

    I'd say keep the lists we've got or update them. Have an OT, PT and EU lit for Hasbro. Then let them decide which ones to make. Include the vote numbers. Maybe if they see more votes cast for EU figs, they'll choose to make them, same goes for PT or OT.

    So my vote is a mix depending on how this is handled. (So don't count me as a vote in either direction yet.)
    Move along, move along

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    OK, this is a practice run for the method. There will be way more than 4 offerings and 26 not 4 categories in the final poll breakdown. This is just practice.

    But maybe 3 of you guys should actually vote:

    Choose your favorite from:

    Ulic Qel Droma
    Exar Kun
    Bastila Shan
    Darth Plagueis

    I vote Ulic Qel Droma
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    D. Plagueis
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