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    BIG Custom-Built Ride for My Hasbro Jawas

    Earlier this summer, I went up to my collection room and spent some time admiring my horde of Hasbro Jawas.* Im not entirely sure why, but I just LOVE those little buggers!

    I decided that I wanted to see what my new little scavengers would look like in a makeshift droid auction in front of their Sandcrawler.

    So I pulled my Vintage Kenner Radio Controlled Jawa Sandcrawler down off the shelf, posed a bunch of Hasbro droids and Jawa action figures around it... and my heart sank.

    That tiny, dinky, out-of-scale, pathetic Sandcrawler looked ridiculous next to my Jawas!* I mean, I loved this Sandcrawler as a kid, but now it just wasnt working for me.

    Anyone that knows ME (and my severe STAR WARS Collector mental illness) knows that I could NOT allow that to stand!!

    I immediately got in touch with a model builder friend from South America and commissioned him to build me an all-NEW Jawa Sandcrawler toy in correct scale to Hasbro's 3-3/4 inch figures!!

    The stats on my Custom-built Sandcrawler:


    This custom Jawa Sandcrawler's measurements are 29 inches (2-1/2 FEET) in height, and 61 inches (5.1 Feet) in length!


    The Jawa Sandcrawler features a removable side panel for access to the crawler's "ore-processing room", a removable top panel for access to the detailed Main Control Overbridge , and a front loading main ramp into the main hold, and working interior / exterior lights.


    For an additional fee, I have commissioned to have this toy fully converted into a rolling, functioning, steerable RC toy with working treads! (Just like the Lucasfilm model)

    For the conversion, we are using the electronic rolling treads from a 1/12th scale RC german tank as the functioning RC platform. There will be one PAIR of rolling treads at each of the Crawler's 4 corners (that's 8 total treads).

    We are using the working treads and RC electronics from this RC tank:

    Because of the Sancrawler's considerable size and weight, it will roll somewhat slower than the tank seen in this video link.* The RC tank's black rubber treads will be modified to more accurately resemble the Sandcrawler's simpler flat pattern.


    This custom Sandcrawler toy is made of 1/4 inch thick hardboard, plastic, fibergass, and magnetic links (to hold removable panels in place). It's considerably heavy (about 25 lbs).
    -Roberto DARKLORD Williams

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    Well... my custom-built Sandcrawler finally arrived three weeks ago, and the early pictures DID NOT do it justice.

    First of all, this Sandcrawler is HUGE. You just don't realize just HOW huge it is until you see her it in person..

    My best guess is that it weighs in the neigborhood of 25 pounds.

    My vintage Kenner Jawa Sandcrawler looks like a Micro Machines dinky toy next to this Custom Sandcrawler. The Control room on the tiny Kenner Crawler fits only ONE modern Comm tech styled Jawa standing at the controls... OR maybe 2 vintage Kenner Jawas.

    Just for laughs, I tried to see how many Jawas I could fit up in the main control room on my new big Sandcrawler. I placed 18 Jawas from one of my vinyl collector cases into the control room. There was plenty of room to spare!

    The interior lighting details add a whole lotta fun too. There are two working lights in the front loading ramp bay, and one working light in the main side compartment.

    The main front loading ramp bay looks like it could hold my CAT!!

    The panel scribing detail is really most impressive on this crawler. Perfectly straight and clean. I've never seen anything like it outside of a production Hasbro STAR WARS toy.

    And the kit bash detailing is outta this world.
    -Roberto DARKLORD Williams

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    That's wild! I cannot imagine where one would put that, but it's amazing none the less. How much was the shipping on something this big from South America?
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    WOW !!!!!! That's one of the coolest SW things I've ever seen. Amazing.

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    does it have the stairway into the interior on the right side?

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    Exceedingly cool. How much to build? How much to ship? How much to shelter and feed?

    Are there visiting hours?

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    That is a great build. It is awesome.
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    That is beautiful. Simply beautiful. The images were almost enough to bring a tear to my eye.

    I wonder if Hasbro realizes we'd all buy something like that for $200. Even those of us who have stopped collecting. And who have no room. Trivial things like that have no meaning in the face of this monument.

    Truly, that is a work of art.
    That's my jacket!

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    Thanks for the kind words guys!

    To answer some questions:

    1) Not counting the LABOR of the upcoming conversion into a motorized RC toy, this Sandcrawler has so far cost $2200 shipped. Shipping was $200 from Chile. The Crawler itself was $1,200 (winning e-bay bid), and the rest was spent on the HUGE scale RC military tanks that will be used in the Sandcrawler's RC conversion.

    This was all a bargain because this Sandcrawler is normally about $3000 (before shipping).

    I'm going to really have to bite the big one for the 5-1/2 FOOT LONG Jabba The Hutt Sailbarge that I'm ordering from the South American builders in time for spring 2008.

    2) The stairway to the interior of the Sandcrawler DOES exist on this toy. However it does not "go" anywhere (as in up inside the main body of the Sandcrawler). It's basically just a manually operated slide-open hatch door and a small ladder for Jawas that you can prop up. Purely cosmetic. I guess in that way, it's kinda like the fake graphics wall inside the various Kenner / Hasbro Millennium Falcon toys.

    3) Shelter? Well it does require quite a bit of that! Right now it's sitting on a six-foot long folding banquet table in the middle of my collection room.

    It is awating a custom-sized corrugated cardboard box and inserts that I've ordered especially for its storage.

    4) Feed? Yes, this Sandcrawler eats approximately 50-60 Jawas (Modern Hasbro POTF 2, Commtech, OTC, or TAC) or 70-80 "teeny Jawas" (Vintage Kenner) Fortunately it does not digest the Jawas. Instead, it just savors them and then spits them back out.

    5) Visiting Hours: Yes. By appointment only. If you are in the New York City metropolitan area "Sandy" (and the rest of my insane STAR WARS toy collection DO receive visitors) This is a FREE service since "Sandy" is a real people crawler (and I'm happy to share).
    -Roberto DARKLORD Williams

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    I wonder if Hasbro realizes we'd all buy something like that for $200. Even those of us who have stopped collecting. And who have no room. Trivial things like that have no meaning in the face of this monument.
    You're preachin' to the choir, good buddy. Clearly, I likes my toys BIG!!

    In fact, I've been engaged in some RAGING debates with other collectors on other message boards over a close-to-correct-scale electronic Millennium Falcon toy that I've been pushing for.

    I described an accurately-sculpted / proportioned toy that was 4-1/2 FEET long (three foot diameter saucer with a pair of 1-1/2 FOOT long mandibles that assemble attach on).

    The ship would have the circular corridor going to the various locations seen in the films, and it would feature a cockpit that could actually hold FOUR figures. There would be TWO gunner stations separated by a vertical ladder at the ship's core, an upper hatch, and a retractable "quick getaway" light blaster on the ship's underside.

    The toy would sit on 5 retractable landing gear.

    Sounds pretty cool, huh? And I'm CERTAIN it would be a HUGE seller for Hasbro.

    Well everybody and their mother gave me crap about how they're happy with their current "dinky" Hasbro Falcons, or how they didn't have the money or space for a 4-1/2 foot long Falcon toy costing $250 - $400 dollars.

    Very frustrating.

    I'm just glad that I own one of those 6 FOOT long Toys R Us Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire store displays.

    With Hasbro's awesome newer Big-Winged Tie Fighters, I would HATE to have a Millennium Falcon toy that is smaller than the Tie Fighters attacking it.
    -Roberto DARKLORD Williams


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