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  • Han Smuggler (wave 2)

    5 8.77%
  • Luke Moisture Farmer (wave 3)

    17 29.82%
  • Luke ROTJ (wave 4)

    13 22.81%
  • Roron Corobb (wave 5)

    0 0%
  • Darth Revan (wave 5)

    4 7.02%
  • Han Torture Rack (wave 6)

    7 12.28%
  • General Pharl McQuarrie (wave 6)

    0 0%
  • Clone Trainee (wave 8)

    3 5.26%
  • Destroyer Droid (wave 8)

    8 14.04%
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    Worst Figure of TAC - part 2/2

    Now that you've decided which figures are the best from the TAC (30th Anniversary Collection), let's start off the new year finding out which figure of last year is the absolute worst. There were plenty of bad figures to choose from, and the wave-by-wave votes in the polls made it easy to spot them, but some of those were merely unpopular rather than bad so a little editorial discretion has been applied (for example, no mere repaints in the list).

    This poll is cut up into 2 halves, don't forget to vote in the other half to give your true feelings on the matter.

    When both polls finish, the top 4 from each will run off against each other to decide the ultimate worst figure from the line.

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    ROTJ Luke. We've needed an SA Jedi Luke for so long now that this figure felt like a punch to the gut from Hasbro. The soft-goods are terrible, but the figure doesn't work when you remove them either. His accessories are confusing as well, why include the bone when he doesn't come with a non-damaged right hand?

    It's like they tried to make him the "all-purpose" Jedi Luke, but ended up making a figure that doesn't really fit well in any scene of ROTJ.

    If this figure had come with a sculpted vest, three interchangeable right hands (clean, damaged, gloved), a bone AND a skull, then it would have been sooo close to perfect because the face likeness isn't THAT bad if you can find a good paint job.
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    Han Smuggler (wave 2): Almost as butt-a-riffic as the Luke from the same wave.

    Luke Moisture Farmer (wave 3): Gawd! Even the vaporator couldn't make me get this piece of butt.

    Luke ROTJ (wave 4): First new ROTJ Luke I passed on. That says a lot.

    Roron Corobb (wave 5): Wasted opportunity. This one and Foul Moudama would both be so much better if they'd switched the sabers so each one had a weapon appropriate to his side. Unfortunately, though he's not really bad, he's pretty lacking compared to his buddies Foul and Voolvif.

    Darth Revan (wave 5): I haven't opened the one in the five pack, but the hooded version that was available carded is wicked cool. Wait, that's the other Darth Cobra Commander.

    Han Torture Rack (wave 6): I've said it before, I'll say it again: as godawful as he looks without the rack, he actually looks rather good in it.

    General Pharl McQuarrie (wave 6): Another "boring, but not bad" figure.

    Clone Trainee (wave 8): Haven't found him yet. Can't say nothing.

    Destroyer Droid (wave 8): What, the pack-in of one-half of an opaque shield works against him? Huh? I thought this was the greatest scam ever to make you buy two more of a figure you've already bought ten times before!
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    I love the clone trainee. I think its a pretty solid figure. Dont know why he is on there. Anyway my vote goes to Revan, what a complete and utter POS for a fans choice.
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    Han (Gunner), cool figure just needed a little room on his noggin for removeable head gear, then this would have been a winner, but a bad figure...nah, just not needed.

    Luke (Farmboy), moisture vap. was really-really cool, this figure looked like crap in the begining but as the run got further in hasbro seemed to touch it up a little, which mine was one of the later since i just broke down and bought this thing not to long ago, and honestly it's the best Farm-Boy luke we've gotten so far in my he's not worthy of being the worst...just not the best.

    Luke (ROTJ), i don't see why people hate this figure...i actually really, really like this one. Great figure.

    Roron, what this figure rocked! *Sigh*

    Revan, even as much as i like EU this figure sucked...runner up for the crapiest.

    Han and the rack, i liked this figure so i can't say anything bad about it.

    General Pharl, have not seen him yet so i can't say anything bad about him.

    Clone Trainee, like Pharl hadn't seen him yet so i can't say anything bad about him.

    Destroyer Droid...I dont care what i comes with...It's not needed nor wanted by most if anyone in general. So to me this was the worst of both polls...

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    I voted for ROTJ luke. Not needed and not even good - terrible actually. Brutal joints, ridiculous softgoods, gloss black outfit that looks like latex, huge hands, spoilt brat facial expression and his skin colour is rather too close to Lando's. The old one was far better.

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    Dude: that is NOT Luke Tatooine, but PHIL COLLINS WITH MOISTURE VAPORATOR - who very well may be the worst figure in the last 2 years!

    Give him the credit he is due!

    Han Smuggler (wave 2): No problem - just not interesting.

    Luke PHIL COLLINS Moisture Farmer (wave 3):I can's sing my praises for this figure enough. He is totally the first Hasbro likeness of the '80s rock star that we've ever had. Now perhaps using Anakin as a stand-in for Sonny Crockett and Lando for Ricardo Tubbs, you can make the first Coruscant Vice diorama!

    Luke ROTJ (wave 4): Eh.

    Roron Corobb (wave 5): What? He's fun.

    Darth Revan (wave 5): Eh.

    Han Torture Rack (wave 6): It's really cool that they made this. I'd like to hear Hasbro's rationale for the mis-proportions though.

    General Pharl McQuarrie (wave 6): Eh. I wasn't interested.

    Clone Trainee (wave 8): This is a cool figure!

    Destroyer Droid (wave 8): If you re-paint the shield yellow, you can simulate eggs served over-easy! What's not to like about that. What were we talking about?
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    I voted Moisture Farmer Luke; you'd think by now he wouldn't suck so bad. The giant head, weird arms, strange face.

    ROTJ Luke was somewhat of a missed opportunity, and kind of pointless, but it's still pretty good. Same with Smuggler Han (to a lesser extent). The Destroyer Droid is my favorite version so far, though I think it can still be improved upon.
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    What I did was take Lukes head and put in on a stormie body and abra cadabra, Wet Head Luke in Stormie outfit.
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    I went for Farmboy Luke in this one. What a sad disappointment that the most iconic figure of the most iconic character (outside Vader) in the saga gets this truly terrible figure to represent him in the Anniversary collection. It's really sad when the accessory is the only reason you're buying the figure. Where to start...that head! Was that "while the car accident was happening" Hamill on that sculpt? Aacckk...

    As for the rest of 'em...
    Han (Smuggler) was right up there with Obi-Wan as the recipient of the "most pathetic re-use of a superior figure to pad assortment" award...Jedi Luke: what was with that scarf thing? Why was he sporting a damaged hand with a rancor bone? Odd choices here. Roran Cobb...I actually liked this the Wolfboy Jedi, he actually is a pretty decent figure when opened...well-detailed and articulated. Rack of Han...again, a pretty scene-specific figure but I thought it looked was something I never expected to see on a card, that's for sure. Darth Reven...I'm still stunned THIS was the fan choice's true to the source I guess but it doesn't light me on fire... General Ralph, I like this displays well with his concept figures. Clone Trainee...something I've wanted to see for awhile but I wish his articulation and stance was better.
    And finally...Destroyer Droid. Again, it's a re-hash with a big accessory (like ghost Ani, at least they are trying something different) but I like it. The detailing and materials make it look better and thankfully, those insane "working" guns are gone.


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