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    American Gladiators (hhwwurraahrr!!! )

    It's back! In 2008. Yay? Boo? Anyway, with noted hosts Mrs. Ali-Conway and Mr. Best-Knowin' Hogan it could be fun, in a mindless, escapist fashion. I always wanted to try out the obstacle course, not to test my strength and abilities against EXCEPTIONALLY WELL-TRAINED, NATURALLY GIFTED ATHLETES , but just for fun (like the Double Dare one, too).

    Hellga? Hell... yeah?!? I might check it out tonight as a test case.
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    I'm boycotting it because it doesn't have the mullets of the original.

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    I'll give it a watch. But I believe the premiere is 2 hours. Definitely DVRing it.

    I'm curious what new obstacles/games they have added, and which ones they kept from the original. I actually watched an episode of Gladiators the other night on ESPN Classic; it was fairly entertaining.
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    Bring back the writers already . . .
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    If it doesn't have Lace then I'm not watching.
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    AG was entertaining for about 3 episodes, then it became grotesquely repetitive. I will probably not watch at all, but it is a funny idea.
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    I don't know if anyone else is watching this, but so far it has been incredibly cheesy . . . and pretty bad.

    Crush is pretty hot though and I thought she looked familiar. I don't know if any of you fellas watch or follow MMA, but she fights on EliteXC (Sho) under her real name, Gina Carano.
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    Thumbs down

    I watched until the girl hurt her knee/ankle/leg, then caught the Gladiator hurt his arm. I'm not into seeing injuries on screen, so that was enough for me.
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    This show was pretty bad. Although I must say, I couldn't stop laughing when those first two women were doing the "Eliminator". It was just hilarious. I know the show isn't supposed to be a comedy, but damn it was FUNNY!!!

    But yeah, the show was awful. Hulk and Ali were terrible, the announcer/commentator was a putz, and the contestants were just incredibly lame and cheesy, much like the show overall.

    I was not impressed, but there were some very solid laughs throughout. I may keep recording it and watching it late night when I am drunk and need a good laugh.
    "That's the best deal you're gonna get. I won't tell you you can save yourself, because you can't."

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    nobody beats the 1-2 punch of Mike Adamle and Joe Theismen/Larry Czonka/Todd Christiansen.


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