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    Jar Jar Binks: Have We Underestimated Him?

    This thread grew out of a discussion in the episode II action figure forum. Since the beginning, ever since seeing Episode 1 I have seen somthing special in the charecter. Somthing very few others have seen. That he's the thread that helps tie in the prequels with the original trilogy. That's why I took on the name of the charecter, trying to champion the cause of this poor misunderstood charecter.

    Look at Episode 1. Without his involvment the jedi's would never have found the gungans, found out the quickest way to the queen, then helped supply the jedi's and the queen with the army they needed to distract the battle droid army so they could sneak into the palace.Without JJB the jedi's might never have reached the queen in time, and even if they did, upon returning to Naboo they would have faced overwhelming numbers and failed anyway.

    Now onto Episode II. In the spoiler thread for E2 we know that it's Jar Jar who is responsible for Palpatine's ability to cease emergancy control of the senate. Which leads to the start of the jedi purge in the geonosis arena. Jar Jar himself is the unknowing pawn of palpatine the whole time. He now has emergancy control to make decisions, as well as an army that he controls, and a vastly reduced jedi resistance for stage 3 of his plan.

    Episode III. Palpatine begins his rule of dictatorship. He keeps peace with terror and supression of the people with his crack units of clonetroopers who he now has supreme control over. He sometime during the period, starts twisting young anakin to his will. Showing that the jedi's never kept peace as well as he does, and that he could help keep the galaxy lawful. Seeing the jedi's as traitors to palpatine's rule, he turns on them, helping to finish of the rest of them.

    Obi-Wan, The rest of the surviving Jedi's, Padme, and Jar Jar see that Anakin has been tricked by Palpatine. Anakin and Obi-Wan meet for their battle and Anakin is presumed deceased. In thruth he lives, now encased in his life sustaning body armor. He returns to coruscant to destory Obi-Wan, Padme, Yoda and the rest. Jar Jar possibly forsakes his own life, when attempting to stall the Anakin so that Padme and Obi-Wan can escape. Probably killed by Anakin his former friend by his own lightsaber, as a final proof of his turn. This whole time has given the pregnant Padme, Obi-Wan and Yoda a chance to escape.

    The charecter that was once disliked by a majority of Star Wars fans becomes the key charecter responsible for most of what occurs in the prequal trilogy, as well as bridging the gap to the original trilogy. I am posting a thesis next that was posted around a year after Episode 1 opened that explains more of why JJB is such an important charecter in the whole saga.

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    Jar Jar Binks

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    Jar Jar: Hidden Jedi?

    The following thesis was taken from here. Lucas is using basic mythological structure for Jar Jar's development. If you look into one of Lucas' favorite obsessions Joseph Campbell, and his writings you see many parrarels. Here is a thesis based on those writings, comparing the two. Just remember this, recall how lucky Jar Jar was in Episode 1. And the fact that Obi-Wan said, he doesn't believe in luck in ANH.

    Jar Jar, Hidden Jedi? By Chris Aylott

    There’s a Jedi lurking in the margins of the Star Wars saga, and he’s not Samuel L. Jackson.

    The Force is strong in The Phantom Menace’s most innocent figure -- and if the conventions of mythic storytelling that we know George Lucas follows hold true, the last hope of the Jedi Knights may rest on the CGI shoulders of the much-maligned Jar Jar Binks.

    "Wesa in trouble now"

    To put it mildly, Binks doesn’t have a good reputation among Star Wars fandom. He lacks everything fans love about the Jedi – their speed and dexterity, their self-control, and their great homespun fashion sense.

    Jar Jar overreacts to everything, constantly makes mistakes, never has a plan and has atrocious table manners. He resembles nothing so much as an overgrown child. A fool, in the folkloric sense.

    Most fans think of him as nothing more than bad comic relief, and George Lucas’s non-defense of the Gungan as just another element of a kid-oriented movie doesn’t help.

    Lucas may simply be playing his cards close to his vest, however. The filmmaker has been studiously close-mouthed about nearly every aspect of the prequel trilogy, and even in The Phantom Menace there’s evidence that Jar Jar is more than he appears to be.

    "Just relax, the Force will guide us"

    Binks may be clumsy, but he’s also amazingly lucky – something the sage Qui-Gon Jinn seems to recognize early on.

    When we first meet him, Jar Jar is enjoying a perfectly ordinary breakfast, which just happens to be in the path of a horde of Trade Federation war machines – and, the one man who can save Jar Jar from them.

    It's not just that Binks is in the right place at the right time. The happy-go-lucky Gungan takes action, grabbing Qui-Gon and setting into motion a sequence of events that will inevitably lead to him accompanying the Jedi on his adventures.

    Before long, Qui-Gon has "clumsy" Jar Jar navigating a Gungan submarine, telling him, "Just relax, the Force will guide us." It does, at least until Jar Jar faints upon encountering the sea monsters – and even when he is unconscious, bigger fish just happen to come along to consume the ones attacking his vessel.

    "Why mesa always the one?"

    Jar Jar’s fear seems to be the weakness complicating his relationship with the Force. Anakin spots it immediately, telling him that the reason Sebulba and others pick on him is because he is always afraid.

    Binks continues to be afraid throughout The Phantom Menace, but by the climactic final battle, it no longer paralyzes him. It’s in this battle that – seemingly despite his failings – he begins to shine.

    As we all know, he gets his feet caught on a broken battle droid, and destroys half a dozen more trying to shake it off. Trying to clamber on the back of a wagon of energy balls, he destroys even more droids by clumsily upsetting the boomball cart.

    Jar Jar Binks takes out droids as fast as Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan do, and he’s not even trying. Maybe that's his secret. The message is clear and consistent. When Jar Jar Binks takes action – even if it is only to run away – good things happen to him. Is he just lucky? Or is he unconsciously using the Force?

    Is there a difference?

    The hero with a thousand faces and two buggy eyes

    If mythic structure can be trusted, Jar Jar is more than just the luckiest Gungan in the universe. He’s following the path of one of George Lucas’s favorite obsessions: Joseph Campbell’s "Hero’s Journey".

    Whether we take the famous literary critic turned mythic guru at face value or not, we know Lucas is a longtime fan, and so Campbell's interpretation of folklore patterns probably has quite a bit of relevance to the Star Wars saga.

    Campbell suggested that most of the important heroes in myth and literature undergo a common sequence of experiences and changes. So far, Jar Jar’s adventures fit that sequence perfectly.

    We’re introduced to Jar Jar in his Ordinary World of swimming and sucking clams. He hears the Call to Adventure in Qui-Gon’s request for guidance to the Gungan city, and at first Refuses the Call.

    Qui-Gon becomes a Mentor leading him into adventure, however, and he soon Crosses the First Threshold, reluctantly entering a new world through the undersea journey to the Naboo capital. Just like Luke Skywalker destroying the Death Star, he Passes Tests in the climactic battle against the Trade Federation, becoming a hero to his people.

    In many ways, Jar Jar Binks is the Luke of Episode I: he’s the annoying bumpkin, the farmboy who makes good. Anakin, the most obvious candidate for that role, turns out to be something else.

    Bring on that Grail

    No other character in The Phantom Menace follows the Campbellian pattern as clearly as Jar Jar. Obi-wan and Anakin come close, but Obi-wan is already well-advanced down his own path, and Anakin’s precocious eagerness to launch himself into adventure hints that he will follow a more twisted path to villainy.

    Of course, Jar Jar has only taken a few steps in his journey – look for him to encounter innermost caves, supreme ordeals and other Campbellian challenges in the next two movies. Episode III may even end with his Return with the Elixir – perhaps spiriting the infant Luke and Leia away from their father so they can grow up in safety?

    If this comes to pass, Jar Jar’s ridiculous mannerisms may eventually serve to hide a powerful Force-sensitive character in plain sight. George Lucas may have pulled the wool over the eyes of an audience of millions.

    Jar Jar Binks may never wear a Jedi cape, of course, and his detractors can rest assured he's unlikely to become the star of the Star Wars saga. But his comic role in The Phantom Menace might just be the surface of the lake – and there's always a bigger mythic fish lurking at Lucas' swimming hole.

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    Jar Jar Binks

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    For more on this topic, atleast until Tycho and others can post their comments, check out this thread in the AOTC's Hasbro section of the forums. It contains some possible E2 spoilers, but since we are discussing E3 spoilers it shouldn't be that big a deal to all of you.

    The discussion about JJB and his future in the saga starts at post 15 and pretty much takes up the rest of the next page. I hope that this info, as well as some of Tycho's comments really might make you think twice about Jar Jar Binks. I know that it;s hard for many of you to consider JJB the tie that binds the saga together, but looking at how Lucas operates, it's pretty obvious.

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    Jar Jar Binks

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    Here are some intresting comments from Tycho from the above mentioned Arena Playset Forum. For the full comments and more please refer to the thread posted above.
    Originally posted by Tycho
    Honestly, I don't hate JarJar, but I don't care if he redeems himself in THIS movie or not. I believe he plays to 2 purposes:

    1) He is the fool character from mythology and he does things wrong like accept Palpatine as Emperor and such (afterall, Palpatine is from Naboo - and no one would say JarJar speaks to be EVIL, so....

    2) He acted like such a clutz to annoy people enough to make fun of him, hate him, etc, only to end up being the one who might save Padme, or baby Luke and Leia and make the whole second trilogy possible. In light of that, Lucas wants those of us who were rude to him to say "it was wrong to treat a geek that bad - or to pick on someone who is different, or mal-adjusted." We should have been more noble, like a Jedi - like Qui-Gon. We were of the Dark Side in the audience. Mythology carries lessons in it, and characters serve purposes. JarJar also served the one that markets something cute or childish to kids, but we might have hated the geek we saw in him, because it reminds us of what people who collect Star Wars toys well into their 20's might be thought of as being like, by people who don't know them or see their inner value as a person. JarJar has a lot of inner value I don't expect us to see really until Episode 3.
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    Jar Jar Binks

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    That's quite the impressive study, and yet all I think when I see the title of this thread is "nope".

    For me, it's never really been Jar Jar himself, it's the way the character is portrayed in Ep 1, it's just too much stealing of dignity (both his and the audience's) which is a fault of Lucas and McCallum, and probably a little of that rests on Ahmed Best's shoulders too.
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    I think people already underestimate him. I think Jar Jar will have a small, yet integral and important part to play in the third movie, and in the entire series overall.

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    JarJar is definately underestimated. Like I said in another forum, I didnt really pay much attention to him at first but later I began to see his true significance. Sure he was a little annoying to me at first, but let's take a look at what he did in EPI:

    1. He helped unify the Gungans and the Naboo
    2. He helped lead the Gungan army against the droid army
    3. Was able to get an army for the Queen at the battle of Naboo

    Now he is a Senator, and who knows what role he will have in EP3, but I think it will be significant.
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    In the Episode 3 Spoilers forum, I think most of you were participating in the infamous "Mace's Death Thread" which outlines are whole take on E3, and has addressed such things as Han's involvement in the prequels, to Anakin's possible father. Background characters such as Tarkin have also been discussed, and I think many of us agreed that this was a logical outline for the things that must happen in E3. It would make sense to me to start there, and fit JarJar into the events of our plotline, to see how he will contribute.

    One element of JarJar's character I think will play an important part is loyalty. He might screw up, but even from the start he was true to Qui-Gon - a lifedebt thing. The Naboo (led by Padme) saved his people, and his people saved the Naboo - with their diversion so the humans could take to their fightercraft versus facing the security and numbers of the entire landed Federation army. So with Qui-Gon gone, and Obi-Wan never taking a liking to him (much like the fans' attitude, heh?), JarJar can't stay with the Jedi - so he will bond with Padme. Afterall, she is there on his planet. He will be loyal to HER, and thus send help or accompany the Naboo's efforts for justice in the galaxy, and perhaps think he should help Palpatine, since JarJar may see him as a 'home-boy' also. This would impact his Episode 2 role. That may be a Gungan General uniform his action figure is wearing. JarJar is a General now. Tarpals was a mere Captain, recall? Hence why the outfit is different from his Senate one. The other possibility is that like Padme in Episode One, one outfit is worn for office meetings, another for full-fledged Senate hearings. JarJar's action pose could just be attributable to Hasbro embelishing again (without our permission).

    Meanwhile, in terms of Episode 3, while I still think Han will be a Rebel to his Clone Commander and the 11 year-old will free Padme perhaps - and save his future wife unknowingly - he-heh - AND make a mortal enemy out of Boba Fett, JarJar will be the one who shows up with a ship or something to help them escape - or he is the one who sacrafices his life as the decoy - the Gungan Diversion again - so that she can escape (with Yoda?) while Han goes AWOL, Mace gets "disintegrated," and Obi-Wan leads others away. (I don't think he has Luke yet, because LUKE SKYWALKER has to GO TO DAGOBAH in Episode 3, because "There's something familiar about this place.") Obi-Wan must pick him up there. JarJar and Yoda may have dropped Padme on Alderaan (with Leia then) and thus when Obi-Wan arrives, he never knows that Luke had a sister. "No. There is another." Somewhere or another, Yoda leaves Alderaan, or was never there - but he must be with Padme to get the twins, and eventually take Luke away, so that when young Skywalker becomes Obi-Wan's charge, Obi-Wan is still unaware of Leia (for her protection - if Obi-Wan is to face Vader - or the possibility that one day he will decide to). It ensures at least one twin an extra layer of security.

    Meanwhile feel free to copy and post my theory as I wouldn't want to lose it, but don't have time to work on the Mace's Death Thread right now. Sorry my thoery isn't refined more, but in the final "escape," I'm not convinced we've organized the facts as to who goes where yet.


    1) Luke must go to Dagobah before Tatooine (with Obi-Wan)
    2) Obi-Wan probably does not know Padme had twins (Leia)
    3) Leia does interact with her mother before her mother's possible death
    4) Yoda must go to Dagobah, probably with Luke
    5) If Padme and Leia go to Dagobah, they leave or stay hidden before Obi-Wan arrives.
    6) Obi-Wan does know Yoda is on Dagobah
    7) Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Plo Koon, Ki-Adi Mundi, Mace Windu, JarJar Binks, and maybe Han Solo all play a part in this.

    These 7 rules must be obeyed, and then they can be appropriately applied to the Mace's Death Thread and maybe we'll get some insight into what JarJar does in all of this.

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    Jar JAr will escort Yoda to Dagobah...
    From there Jar Jar will travel in hiding from evil Anikin to Tattione to drop of Luke...

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    Originally posted by Tycho
    1) Luke must go to Dagobah before Tatooine (with Obi-Wan)
    2) Obi-Wan probably does not know Padme had twins (Leia)
    3) Leia does interact with her mother before her mother's possible death
    4) Yoda must go to Dagobah, probably with Luke
    5) If Padme and Leia go to Dagobah, they leave or stay hidden before Obi-Wan arrives.
    6) Obi-Wan does know Yoda is on Dagobah
    7) Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Plo Koon, Ki-Adi Mundi, Mace Windu, JarJar Binks, and maybe Han Solo all play a part in this.
    I agree that all those must happen within Episode III but so should these (I know that some are the similar if not the same)...

    1) Anakin is tempted by both Dooku and Palpatine.
    2) Boba Fett is assassinating Jedi's left and right.
    3) Palpatine takes full and complete control of the Senate and the Republic.
    4) The Jedi Council agrees to go underground to over throw Palpatine.
    5) Obi-Wan entrusts Bail Organa to protect Padme from Vader.
    6) Dagobah could be the place where Luke and Leia are born.
    7) Obi-Wan will take Luke Owen Larrs on Tatooine.
    8) Bail Organa will take Padme and Liea to Alderaan.
    9) Vader hunts for Padme (not knowing about the twins).
    10) Padme will die before the film ends.
    11) Vader will be horribly injured by Obi-Wan.

    And so much more that Episode II might answer or call into question.

    As for Jar Jar, I don't know what Episode III has in store for him but I'm sure he'll be remember as a hero...
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    The Force is strong with this one.

    Of course, that's my opinion I could be wrong.


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