View Poll Results: Which is the absolute worst figure from 2007?

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  • Padme Amidala (wave 8)

    1 1.49%
  • Anakin Spirit (wave 7)

    14 20.90%
  • Luke ROTJ (wave 4)

    7 10.45%
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (wave 1)

    9 13.43%
  • Destroyer Droid (wave 8)

    2 2.99%
  • Luke Yavin (wave 2)

    4 5.97%
  • Han Torture Rack (wave 6)

    6 8.96%
  • Luke Moisture Farmer (wave 3)

    24 35.82%
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    Worst Figure of TAC - Final Round

    After starting the New Year off by finding out the best figure of '07, we thought we'd have a little fun finding out which figure collectors think is the worst of '07. We had enough options that we broke it up into 2 polls which ran concurrently, and from those 2 polls ( 1, 2 ) we took the top 8 combined choices to get us to this final round.

    Now it's up to you to decide which figure was the absolute worst from the TAC (30th Anniversary Collection) basic line.

    Vote with whatever criteria you wish, it's up to you to decide which figure is 2007's ultimate loser!

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    I went with Obi-Wan. It was the closest thing to a repack in the basic line. The only reason to get it was the accessories and the coin, but the accessories weren't anything special and the mouth looked goofy without the breather in it. The other figures all had something new to offer.

    Han and Farmer Luke had the nice pack-ins with the torture rack and vaporator.

    Destroyer droid had the shield, even if it wasn't executed all that well.

    ROTJ Luke would be fine without the goofy cloth vest. At least Hasbro threw us a bone on this one.

    Yavin Luke would be one of my favorite figures in the line if not for the head.

    Hayden Anakin Spirit hadn't been done before, and I like what they were trying to do. It probably would have been better to do without the soft goods like the OTC spirit Obi-Wan.

    Padmé was all new, and doesn't seem to bad now that I have the figure.

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    I voted for Spirit Anakin and Jedi Luke from the two previous polls. I went with Spirit Anakin for the absolute worst.

    Disregarding the horrible cloak, Hayden likeness and just overall crappiness of the figure, the idea of a super-articulated, "action" ghost is just a dumb one.
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    There wasn't a loser from Wave 5? (I'd agree that those figures were pretty good - but this could be a clerical error as well). Ah, I do see that there are 2 figures from Wave 8 offered.

    I voted for PHIL COLLINS with Moisture Vaporator!
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    Moisture Vaporator Luke; just bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    There wasn't a loser from Wave 5? (I'd agree that those figures were pretty good - but this could be a clerical error as well).
    There were 5 figures from that wave which made it to the Worst semifinals, but none got enough votes to make it to the finals (though 4 of them did have detractors).
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    I have to vote for Farmer Luke. The Evaporater is just a chunk of molded plastic with no detailed coloring. No knee joints and just a terrible likness on the figure. Easy vote for me.

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    Anakin spirit. I saw a Toys for Tots box spit it out, thats how bad it is.
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    Voted for Moisture Farmer Luke.

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    I voted farmer luke. Considering how many times they have done this figure, you think they could have done a better job.
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