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    Man, I've been liking ebay a lot lately. I got a bunch of vintage lego castle stuff in the last few months I've been wanting for years and shoring up my SW stuff with vintage and US store exclusives. With the Canadian and US dollars being so close now it's even more worth it, and with paypal it's superfast. I just bought an old lego castle set in Northern Ireland last week and it got here today.
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    I probably use eBay way to much, but it's so damn convienant with Paypal, I've been using it lately for NES games from back in the day with manuals and boxes. I'd like to maybe pull the trigger and get a complete POTJ set on there too. Maybe with my tax return.
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    I haven't done ebay in a loooong time. I haven't had a yen for any old stuff, and new stuff isn't that hard to get.
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    once i get on a lego kick i hit ebay so much it really hurts my wallet. I get hooked on poking around for unusual bricks and bricks i've never seen before. trawling through millions of pages. getting sidetracked by shiney things and spending lots.

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    I troll eBay for deals. With a rare exception I don't pay any more than $3 a fig. Many even less.

    Also, I've found it a blessing when it comes to minis. I can build up how many of any mini I want, instead of blind packaging. Again I look for deals. On the new sets, I hit them hard and fast in the first week. Then whatever I don't get in that time for a set, I wait. Sometimes for months for prices to come back down to a reasonable level for me, then I go back and cherry pick away at auctions I still need minis for. This has saved me hundreds of dollars.

    Also for me it tends to be about volume. For instance if I'm looking for an army builder, I bid on dozens of auctions with a predetermined high bid in mind. I stick to that. Sometimes I win, many I lose, but often I get enough to satiate my need for the time being.

    Another thing I do and this works best with minis for me, is to find a seller who sells LOTS of minis. They usually have great deals on shipping and you can find much of what you want in one stop at one seller. They are MUCH more eager to deal with you if you've won 20 auctions at once. Lost money on shipping aside, you are moving their merch and that always works for them.

    I almost never give into temptation with regards to new stuff at inflated prices. It's a rarity. So I don't consider myself as one of those who contributes to the scalper problem as that's not the long established history of my bidding pattern.

    I did jump the gun on one thing lately. That being the AT-TE gunner accessory set from Gentle Giant. Even then, my bid and shipping combined is only $1 over what GG sold theirs for.

    I look at eBay as a good thing overall. I've made some working friendships with sellers (mostly the minis sellers) and that helps when it comes to customer service and my repeat business with them. They are confident in me as I of them.

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    Yeah, It was 98 the last time I was really in to ebay before the last few months. I tried it again about a year ago but got screwed over big time. It was one of those 1 in a1000 bad sellers. Things have gotten a lot smoother and easier than before.
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