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    Lightbulb Rate AOTC

    Okay, on a scale of one to ten rate all of the AOTC stuff we've seen so far. Everything as a whole,(3 3/4, 12", Ships, Beasts, playsets). One collective rate for the hole line. Give it a rate, why, and some pros and cons. OK?? Here's mine;

    -BAD-because of all the preposed stuff, hokey action features, beasts that belong in D&D
    GOOD-real scan detail(DOOKU), Rebel troop ship( I can't remember the name), lots of new figures, and the future of the line. It can improve, Hasbro listens to us (sometimes) and will try and cater to our tastes after the initial glut has passed.

    So take your shot and make it a fair and honest one...
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    The reason for that is A) the tireless number of sculpts/resculpts even before the film has been released, which (to me) points to either GREED or the fact that they knew they blew it with the poses and needed to offer more figures to be able to "fit into any situation"

    B) the wacky pack-ins (lipops and the like)

    C) SOME of the figures are brilliant!

    D) the ships are VERY nice

    E) the beasts , while rather daft by design at LFL, are still quite nicely done,

    F) The playablility factor is up a couple points.

    G) RealScan has helped a bit with the faces on the 12" line as well as SOME of the 3 3/4" line.
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    I'm gonna have to go with a 7.5 as well.

    Really good sculpts
    OT stuff
    Djas Puhr
    Arena Playset

    Crappy gimmicks, (magnet force)
    Crappy pack ins (deflected blaster shot, etc.)
    Crappy poses and articulation on some
    Arena Playset
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