For those that may not know, I'm down in Easton MD visiting my Parents for the holidays/selling my entire SW collection(general discussion thread). So as I happened by the toy section in Walmart today; out of old habhabit, to check out what might be new in SW(and really transformers) they had these Comic book 2-packs! They were near the clearence Ilse and not knowing what they were and being a Boba Fett fan I asked the CSR what was up and how much! They WERE regular price unfortunately but they had about 2-3 of each one, So If anybody hasnt gotten a certain one yet I guess I could pick them up for you if you want, and All I'd expect is retail+shpn and maybe a couple extra bucks for my time and gas! LMK they're just sitting there!

Oh, btw dont know how much of a pegwarmer this is, so dont crucify me if this has been said repeatedly('cuase I really dont collect this cr** anymore(really it just not wanting to give my money to Lucas anymore)), but one thing they did have on clearence is that Darth Vader 30th Aniversary coin book with DV figure for only $5.00! Anyone interested in that as well I could pick it up for them! Cool? Lmk!