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    Originally posted by Pellaeon
    Thus far, all 3 figures I voted on have won!
    So it's all your fault!

    j/k Pellaeon.

    Poor useless, silly, frog-run-over-by-a-truck-lookin' Amanaman. What do I know though? I bought all the POTF2 deluxe figures.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Well, I can't take credit for it, but if you wish to tag it on me, I can take the heat!

    Next up, Yarael Poof!

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    Well, the right alien won. I hope that Bubo is included with him.
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    Angry ARGG!

    Ephont Mon........grrrrrrr. I hate his guts, and he hates mine, and my guts hate him!! We need JEDI, not props. I wanted Even Piell to magically win! I still really want Yarael Poof. I hope they make him anyways or put him on the next Fan's Choice Poll, he did get very close in Poll #2! Let's hear it for the JEDI! YAAAAAAAAAY!
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    What's up with the fascination with characters that have only 3 seconds of screen time? If that much! Plus ones that are from the cantina or Jabba's palace? Don't get me wrong, all of the fan's choice figures are good ones, but can we get a Rebel? Please?
    i voted for Riekian and I just hope that he gets made one day.
    But I'll take my E-mon paper weight for now.

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    Angry Take a closer look!

    28% Ephant Mon
    25% Twi'lek Masseuse
    19% Even Piell
    15% General Rieekan
    13% R1-G4

    I think the final tally on this poll was nurf dung. My problem is not with the winner but the runner-up. That's something that can wait another year or 2, another F'n female Twi'lek. I have 3 now.

    I figured Emon would win, but we need more rebels. I'm sure Piell will get made, but Rieekan had lines in Empire. He deserves a figure. Just like Captain Antilles. There will be plenty of jedi fodder down the road. I really think we need to get behind other figures from the first trilogy.

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    As long as we get them all oneday I'm happy
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    As you all might know, I would much prefer a cooler figure.....

    Oh....I duno......



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    Lando C

    But Lando has already been made,Although the Bespin Escape Lando does kinda s**k with his legs and hands!
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    NO LANDO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    TAKE IT BACK!!!!!


    We need a new General Lando, pronto. It should take priority over everything else!


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