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    Arrow Complex originality

    Thought I'd try to sound intelligent (or smart!) with such a high-sounding title.

    We know that SW fans are loyal, creative, and talented. Things such as dioramas, costumes, drawings and paintings, custom figures, screenplays, websites, etc. What are the most intricate things you've made related to Star Wars? That took the msot time, or effort? Or just were cool. I'll list my later, to see if anyone else's is better (which I assume they will be).

    The Empire Strikes Back.
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    Cool topic!

    I attend an annual Halloween Party, and one year I went as Emperor Palpatine. I had to make a lifecast of my face, sculpt the Emperor onto that, make a negative mold of the work, use a 2 part foam rubber system to make facial appliances, paint the appliances, beg my Mom to sew me up a black Jedi style cloak (I love that thing!!), find a good stick for a cane, and wear those uncomfortable facial appliances an entire evening while trying to enjoy the party. It was well worth it though. I picked up a great skill! I am thinking of reprising the character again this year. I have gained a bit of experience since the first attempt, and I think I can do much better. There are other characters to choose from though........sigh.....decisions, decisions.

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    As much as I appreciate the vote of confidence, I must admit that I have NO talent for custom figures, costumes and the like. On the other hand, I do intend to try my hand at dioramas in the near future. I have actually considered taking a course on sculpting just so I can do some custom stuff like wounded troopers and 12" scale ships like the T.I.E. and X-Wing fightrers.

    I am also thinking of commisioning someone to do them for me.
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    Well, I have a couple to choose from. My fave is my Endor Shield Bunker-shaped mailbox. Painted grey-green, sloping sides, on a post with the carbon freezing chamber pattern of circles and long ovals in red.The doors open out from the center by little nobs at the bottom. The "flag" was a dowel painted like a red lightsaber. However, the Evil Imperial Postal Workers refused to deliver the mail unless I got a "real" mailbox, so now it has a metal one on top of it. Looks like crap now. Booo!!!

    My "Bel-Cam Jos" fictional Jedi costume for the E1 opening day was great. In blue instead of brown, I used a judo/karate shirt for the top, made a hooded robe, built a lightsaber out of PVC pipe and painted it silver. Little kids at the opening asked me to turn on my lightsaber, but I told them I had to take the batteries out so no one would get hurt.
    "I went to Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim, and I didn't get even a lousy t-shirt."

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    In sculpture class in college, we had an assignment to make a sled, which we were going to try out on a hill in a nearby park. I designed a landspeeder sled. What I lacked in originality, I made up in effort. I made it out of steel and wood, and I had no idea what I was doing. I had to teach myself how to weld, and I really did impress myself. My teacher was a grad student who also loved Star Wars, so he supported my idea. Ultimately, though, it tuned out kind of sucky, the welds kept falling apart, and it was never really finished to a degree that was satisfactory. My teacher was nice and gave me a C since I worked so hard on it. And it didn't snow for the rest of the winter so we never got to try out our sleds.

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    Would making a Lego Playset count? I guess not

    I've made heaps of stuff out of Lego,Such as places like Tatooine,Naboo and the Death Star. I also made Jabba's Sail barge including Jabba a long time ago its over a meter long!
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    When I was around 10, I made a replica of the Mos Eisley cantina out of Lego (though it was primarily black instead of tan or yellow). I ended up with a band, a full room of characters, and a bar with stuff hanging over it like in the film, but I never got a photo and after I built my Lego Starspeeder 3000 around a year later, I converted the bar into a spaceport, though I did make a section of the spaceport into a bar off the cantina designs. Other than that, I work here, does that count?
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    This is a little different. Although I do customize, and I take part in the customizing forum, the hardest and craziest thing I did was for school. I am now going into my junior year of college as a psycholgy/pre-med major. In my last year of high school I took all the psych classes. The final for one was to research a topic and relate it in psychology. I wrote an eighteen page paper on Star Wars as being Psychology.
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    I have zero talent when it comes to creating and customizing anything really. I leave that to the fine folks at Hasbo.

    But every so often, I do set up my figures in scenes from the movie. That is the extent of my talent. Well, my toy talents anyway.

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    I'm working on a couple of customized figures right now, namely a 12" Barada which I had to sculpt the head entirely from scratch using Super Sculpey. I also started on a Gamorean Guard bust but ran out of Sculpey (at $10 a puond that stuff gets expensive).

    Aside from that I do drawings of characters, namely Imperials, I've never displayed them or anything, I have yet to find a good place to post them on the internet. The site I use now to display my D&D drawings, Elfwood, won't let you post copywrighted characters.
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