Come and get it!!! There are a few overexposed or underexposed pics, but Steve and I worked really hard to get this series to you as fast as possible (I was working on these yesterday afternoon till I literally passed out and couldn't continue editing).

It is my esteemed privilege and pleasure to present... SSG's Toy Fair coverage of Star Wars LEGO

These are some fantastic designs, I think everything is just great (except maybe Technic Jango), a definite step up from the first wave of Ep 1 sets. The Slave 1 has several cool hidey holes, and I no longer think the cockpit pivots with the wings, I think it pivots on a further forward on a different axis and uses magnets to keep in place. The Bounty Hunter Pursuit has 2 cool speeders, Zam's speeder has break-away damage sections while Anakin's looks pretty darn accurate. However, the Republic Gunship now looks to me to be the bright spot in 2002 Lego SW along the same lines as the MTT.

The Republic Gunship has so many features that, even after 16 pics, I don't think we caught up with all of them. Hidden compartments, magnetically-held containers that can be dropped in flight, split-open forward section, hinged aft door/wings, a pop-up... I don't even know what it is, but it's behind the engine compartment! Oh yeah, and an ENGINE COMPARTMENT!

So check it all out and enjoy with our compliments.