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    Duh... I suppose I could have looked at the wrapper and read that also. Shows how much I pay attention.

    1 in 200 seems like pretty good odds! I can't imagine that they're all main characters, but still... that's pretty cool.

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    I won a few autograph cards off Ebay. Decent prices I might add. A lot better (and cheaper) than buying packs or boxes and taking my chances.
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    I bought the last four packs at my local Target. Got one of the foil cards.

    I might have to buy basic sets of both sets. They're nicely done.

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    I am deciding to pass on the IJ cards, regular and Heritage (not due to quality, just time and effort to compile sets), but I did buy the two-pack playing card set. It's pretty good: one deck is all Crystal Skull while the other has all four films (each film its own suit). Not bad for $4.99 either.
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    Picked up a few Heritage packs at Hollywood Video the other day, and they're great. (As always.) The girl behind the conter says, "Oh, I think you're the only person that's bought any of those." Which means that I'll probably end up buying the whole case over the next few months.

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    anybody need or want KOTC card P5 from NonSport Update ?

    Drop me a PM and I will mail it to you.

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    I've cooled these series down, Still dont have a complete set of each yet, but I managed to pull 6 autograph cards from the KOTCS set and 2 from the Heritage set. Including a Karen Allen. So I'm happy.
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    I just bought a complete set of the Heritage cards. Very nice set.

    Still haven't completed by set of KOTCS cards.

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    I've been able to pick up several Indy Autograph cards lately from various sellers around the 'net. Got a majority now from both Heritage and Crystal Skull lines sans the major signers.
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    I saw some IJ Masterpiece cards at Target or WM last night. It looks like the cards are based on artwork.

    I hadn't heard about these cards until I saw them last night. I might have to pass.


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