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    News that makes even me happy! Gday from Downunder Hasbro,
    The 30th Anniversary has been a major success both here and abroad. Thank you for listening to the fans in regards to and allowing us to vote on the various websites for the Fan Choice Figure!!! Now as we move into Expanded Universe territory with The Force Unleashed, the soon to be CG cartoon Clone Wars and of course the various novels available etc, etc. My question is.....Will Hasbro EVER make the evil Yuzhan Vong figure from the New Jedi Order series of novels????
    Bring on 2008-Starwars is FOREVER!!!
    Hasbro: We have some good news for you - we can indeed confirm that a Yuzhan Vong is in fact in development, but when and how it will be introduced (as a basic figure or as a multi-pack) has yet to be announced. Look for more information around Comic Con timing if all goes as planned..
    Confirmation of a Yuuzhan Vong! Freaking sweet! I'd rather have that than 99% of the EU figures coming out. Hopefully, it means we get more figures from the same era to go with it. (Cough, Corran, Kyp.)

    Let the speculation begin! Will it be Nom Anor? And, if so, will he be in his normal Vong attire, or in the black robes from Crimson Empire II? Or maybe Shimmra with an Onimi pack-in? Shedao Shai? Generic Vong soldier? Carp, any of those would rock!

    I just pray we don't get one this year, and have to wait on more like we do with podracers and Ewoks. Three words: More Female Figures!
    Okay, more words: While we love Clones, Jedi, Droids, multiple versions of Vader/Anakin/Obi-Wan/Luke/Yoda, how about some more female figures? Not just Leia or Padmé, either! There's a lot of females in the Star Wars saga who never seem to get their day. Any chances we will see someone like Aunt Beru, Toryn Farr, or dare we say it?---Yarna?
    Hasbro: Yes! A few more females are on the way, with at least one of your list seeing shelves in 2008, and at least one more planned (but subject to change) for 2009.
    So at least two of the list are essentially confirmed, one in 2008 and 2009. Hey, he only listed three total! So we're getting Torryn, Beru (no word on young or old; I'd hope young), or Yarna this year, and one of the others next? Awesome!! I'm just hoping it's not a way of saying that the 1999 Beru sculpt (which is still quite good) will be in the Legends line in 2008.
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    I'm not excited by the thought of an EUzhan Vong figure, but the fact that there is a website is pretty funny.

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    Let's just hope Hasblo doesn't take shortcuts like putting a Yarna head on a Malakili body, or a Toryn head on a Leia Episode V body and call it good.
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    Caesar, please take Mouse Droids very seriously! They're far more important than you can possibly imagine. [*sniff, sniff. Cough. Wheeze. Gulp.* ]

    This thread should be retitled "Yuuzhan Vong's a comin'!

    I'm totally stoked about that as well Chuxter!

    I want to army-build Yuuzhan Vong warriors, so 2-packs, multi-packs, etc. make me warry.

    To sell these to the casual customer, it might be packaged with Luke or another highly recognizeable mainstream character. That can get tiresome if army building.

    If instead, a Warrior is packed with Nom Anor, the latter might still end up overwhelming someone's extra figures pile if they are troop building the Yuuzhan Vong for an invasion.

    Another option would be Legacy comic 2-packs that may include Cade Skywalker. This wouldn't be too bad in that you could use multiples of Cade for multiple scenes. But we'll see.

    As to Aunt Beru, Torryn Far, and Yarna - I would guess we'll actually see all 3 of these characters. They all ranked highly on request lists and polls, so...
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    I'd love to see an entire couple of waves devoted to NJO. Hasbro says they don't think that figures from novels would satnd out, but I disagree. I know way too many ppl who would be just as interested to have figures from this series of books, or any series for that matter.

    As for more female characters....bring them on.

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    I never got into the Vong invasion storyline (kind of made the Empire look puny and powerless, which is dumb). Hopefully the figure will be good, though.

    I am really quite excited about the other part, though. I'd be ecstatic for any of those three, and two is even better. Hopefully they make a young AOTC/ROTS Beru before they redo the ANH version, but any way is actually fine. I bet we'll see Torryn Farr before we see Yarna, but again, I'll be happy either way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    To sell these to the casual customer, it might be packaged with Luke or another highly recognizeable mainstream character. That can get tiresome if army building.
    The smart way to do these (which Hasbro probably won't do) would be to sell them as two-packs with an NJO Jedi (or other hero) and a NAMED Yuuzhan Vong individual, as well as maybe a few two packs that each have two different generic Vong soldiers (or maybe army-building heroes, like Lando's YVK droids).

    To really get a cool skeletal force, we need the major Vong (I can't recall all the names off-hand), as well as:

    Luke (confirmed)
    Mara Jade-Skywalker
    Jacen Solo
    Jaina Solo
    Corran Horn
    Kyp Durron
    Han with a beard
    Anakin Solo
    Han's alien buddy
    Old Boba Fett (I could skip, but he'd be an easy retool, so he'd be given)
    Ganner Rhysode

    There are a few others who are important, but could (and would) probably be skipped.

    Honestly, though, the confirmation of a 67% chance of getting Yarna in the next two years (as well as confirmation of Beru and Torryn in case of the other 23% chance) is far bigger news to me than the Vong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    Han with a beard

    The sheer awesomeness of that remark may have me rethinking the entire series.

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    God i creamed when i read this, and it's about time that hasbro took the demands for this era and made them true...i mean KOTOR was okay, but this is this is the era hasbro should focus in...and coming from me that means something since i'm not into the story line about the vong but i like them visually as a race. As for other NJO characters we're supposed to see Kyle Katarn from this era in 08 accroding to rebel scum as well...but we'll have to see.

    As for Yarna and Toryn...i know it's not Beru. I think Toryn to me is more of a priority, just because i like her character better, but i have a Jabbas's palace Yarna would be cool as i guess i'm pretty nutral, hell i wouldn't mind having both.

    But 08 is looking to be a big year. This was all great news.

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    This is bad news for me because I don't care about the novels. As far as I'm concerned, Star Wars ended when the credits rolled on ROTJ. I don't care about any "continuing adventures" after that.

    Although this will just make it easier for me to cut back my collecting this year.

    As for the female figures:
    1. Aunt Beru - OT version - pass, PT version - big maybe
    2. Torryn Farr - easy pass
    3. Yarna - woo-hoo!
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