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    Honestly, if it's a loose figure, then it's pretty much impossible to tell.

    However, looking at that specific auction, it appears that you're dealing with someone who really doesn't know anything about Star Wars. With the mixing and matching of the figures in that case, I would be inclined to believe that it is a genuine VC Jawa that has been lumped in with the rest.

    But then again, the Ben Kenobi figure has a Tusken Raider cape on, so who really knows?

    If you can win the auction cheap enough, then at the very least you will have a nice SW case and a very convincing repro-cape VC Jawa.

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    I don't have a clue. The cape looks to be the right color and size. The cape should conform to the body better. Nearly all real vinyl capes I've seen conform to the body. Unless this one has been reversed or flattened it sticks out pretty straight. The close up photos are so blurry. Blurry photos of a rare item are a red flag for me. With a piece like this I'd buy it under the assumption it's a fake and then try to prove it otherwise.
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    Wasn't Ben's cape and the VC Jawa cape made from the same material? I remember hearing that the easiest way to fake a VC Jawa was to just cut it out of Ben's cape. The fact that that Ben is missing his original cape would probably be another big red flag.

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    I heard that the Ben and Jawa cape were not made from the same material. Pay attention to the explanation by the seller on the inside texture. Is that the texture of the real Jawa cape?

    I already have a fake Jawa with vinyl cape but would like to get a real one. This one may be too risky unless you all can help me out. The price is already at $86 which is high at this point so I think someone thinks it's real out there. What say you?

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    This is the most faked vintage Star Wars item out there. Chances are it is not real. Ways to help tell. The cape color must match the plastic color of the Jawa figure, Ben's cape is too dark. The arm holes are small, Ben's are big. One side of the vinyl is smooth and the other side is rough with a cross-hatch pattern. This can be seen up close or better with a magnifiying glass.

    So, it is hard to tell from the blurry pics if the arm holes are indeed small, they look to be. It is also hard to tell the color of the cape, again due to the poor photography. The seller says the cross-hatching is there. If it is fake, it is a very good one. It might be real. There are no obvious fake signs.
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    This is the very reason why I shall never own one of these babies. Too tough to tell if it's faked, and too expensive to shell out the dough if it's real (which it STILL might not be).
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    I'll take a 100% cloth jawa anyday....keep the vinyl away!
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    I would say to take the Jawa out of the equation and place your bid on everything else. This way if it's real, then you just got a great deal. If it's fake, then you haven't really lost anything.

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    It's hard to tell from the bad pics, but unless this seller is playing dumb I think it could be real. If the price stays low enough I might try for it to compare it to mine.


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