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    Where's the strangest location you've found a figure that you didn't expect to find?

    I have two. First I found an Aunt Beru at a CVS (Drug Store) that was all by herself in the toy section. I guess noone wanted a seventies looking female "action figure"

    The other is r2-b1 the yellow/blue r2 unit. this my fiancee found in a k-mart that she would check for me thatwas close to here work at the time. She just happened to be looking and decided to look all the way in the back of the figs and lo' and behold there it was.

    your stories........
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    I found the whole Freeze Frame wave with R2 w/tools, removable limbs C-3PO....ect at Save-On and a couple Green cards at Blockbuster
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    Before the big sell-off of formerly-rare POTF2 Freeze Frame figs, I found Helmet Luke, Boushh Chewie, Lobot, Mothma, etc. at Electronic Boutique for $4.99 each.
    I also found a POTF2 Boba Fett gun on the floor of the hotel I used to work at.
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    I found a few at Winn Dixie a food store and some a a few drug stores.
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    I guess Target would not be a strange place but it was the last aisle. It was a Qui-Gon Mos Espa on clearance - $1.54!

    Not so much strange as just good luck.
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    The strangest place I found Starwars figures was a clearance isle
    in the WM Garden Department..Use The Rake Luke!..
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    Vintage Stormtrooper and Han Solo in my Easter basket. 1978.

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    Most of Ep 1's first few waves at my local supermarket, that one really surprised me.
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    Found POTF2 x-wing at a Bargain Giant for $30.00 and found a snow speeder at a Home Hardware for $40.00.
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    CVS...? Me too!!

    I found Aunt Beru at mine as well!! I also found C-3P0 (shop worn w/removable limbs) there as well! Those were the only two next to Jar Jar (with staff). I left the Jar Jar... had it.
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