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    I read TAS and liked most of it. I liked the interaction between the jedi, especially Luminara and Obi-wan, the could have something goin' on if it wasn't forbidden and all. I disliked the little asides from characters that are supposed to be "foreshadowing". Things like "I fear what Anakin will become yada yada..." I find them annoying.
    I also like tooqui.
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    Well, I finished reading this the other day. I already had an idea in my head who's name would appear on the last page. And I was rewarded w/ a big box of nothing.

    So with this bit of insight to the next movie and the trailers we've seen, will Darth Sidious make an appearance? I know Palpatine is starting to look a bit on the haggered side.
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    I think so. I mean I can't imagine him NOT making an appearance somewhere, sometime in AOTC.
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    One of the benefits of not being called in to work, is that there is more time to read! Yippee! I read the first 100+ pages in about 2 hours yesterday, and may be able to finish the book today. So far, it's been okay, nothing great.
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    When not much reading you have recently done, read quickly will you do. I finished TAS today, and I can sum it up in one word: okay...?

    So this is an "exciting" lead-in to AOTC? How so? It was dull, and anticlimatic (ending the way I figured it would), unless you count the Star Wars Episode 2 character mentioned near the end of the book. The only parts I liked were the seemingly useless scenes where the Jedi show off their abilities for the natives. Foster described them pretty well, but aside from that, the book was hoe-hum. I'll stick with the Jedi Apprentice series, thank you.
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    I expected more epic "planet-hopping" feel like Cloak of Deception. An okay read, but nowhere near the top of the EU list.

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    I know it wasn't a real big action book, but it DID show us the type of character Anakin has become and also the relationship between him and Obi-Wan. We also get to learn about Luminara Unduli. I know it wasn't as good as some others, but it wasn't bad at all. I learned a lot from it. About the Jedi, their personalities, rules, and also we get to learn about another culture in the Star Wars universe.
    "Sometimes we are lucky enough to know our lives have been changed, to discard the old and embrace the new and run headlong down an immutable course."
    ~ Jacques Cousteau
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    I've JUST gotten to start this at lunch today. I like the scene with the idiots pestering Barriss and Luminara. I just like the interaction between the two Jedi and Luminara's handling of the situation. I was quite entertained.
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    I agre with the last two post. I think it was very cool to get an idea of how Anakin and Obi-wan have matured over the years. Of course I did want to "kill kill" that Tooque (spelling?) character.

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    Well, forgive me for saying the book was boring in some respects, my biggest complaint being the seemingly endless trek across the planet looking for the overclan.

    As JEDIpartnr said, that harassment scene was cool. Quite neat how Luminara tells the thug that he knows how to find out what's under there.

    The foul play at the end was exciting, with the impatient one being "dropped" from the conspiracy. I could have gone for more insight into their motivations.

    About our mystery friend, maybe it would have worked for me if I didn't know who he was from spoilers. Not book spoilers, but the movie spoilers. Still, I didn't like reading about "the one behind this" or any other way they referred to him.

    I guess it was worth the look, but I doubt I will ever read it again. Maybe I'm being too hard on it, there were other bits I liked - just not enough of them. But it did keep me entertained for awhile before the movie is released, so I am grateful for that.


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