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    I'm with you Caeser it took them what felt like forever to find the overclan!

    Then it just felt like the author got tired of writing the book & finished everything in a couple chapters compared to the endlessly long dull detailed 9 or so chapter trek!

    (& that irritating little thing that Barriss took with her I could have done without too)

    It was a good read, but like you said, I doubt I will read it again....

    But its nice now have TPM, then, TAS, & now AOTC in hardback all 1st printings to start a SW Hardback set..... I just hope they will release ANH, ROTJ, & TESB, in hardback after SWEIII comes out to get a complete set.

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    Re: Who's read(ing) The Approaching Storm?

    Greetings Lasers and Gamorreans,

    I created a little set-up with my figures for The Approaching Storm mostly because I liked the idea of showing how a female Jedi Team worked and thought the Clone Wars figures of Anakin and Obi-Wan with their gear on would look good here. I also like to display new alien figures every chance I get to since "Rodians" started out as being my bad guys in every EU scene and now I've done a lot to balance that.

    We got great figures with the updates from Jabba's Palace and the Mos Eisley Cantina, so I figure I'd put the whole thing together to some good use.
    The Approaching Storm was on a "C" level for me as to quality of story, but again I got to make THIS:

    BTW: I'll add some background and so forth to it later. This will some day be a peramanent set-up, but this is only a test-set I did on top of my Blockade Runner for a figure head-count. I may add Passal Argente in the shadows as "supervising all this" and "the elimination of those pesky Jedi!"


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