(Yes, I'm copping this from my blog entry, sue me)

For those of you who don't know, 4:20 is the time when pot-heads take their "smoke break", it's become their codeword for dope-smokin', and often comes with the phrase "it's always 4:20 somewhere". I've certainly come across a number of 4:20 aficionados in my time, even in multiplayer videogames where they include it as part of their username.

In the past few months, I've found that I'm often looking up at the clock at exactly 11:38, whether AM or PM (I'm not a morning guy, but 11:38 ain't that early), which I've found a little interesting. Then it dawned on me while playing Star Wars Battlefront II at 11:38 last night that, hey, maybe we Star Wars fans - or "Star Warts" as on rare occasion I've called us - should do our own version of 4:20 and whenever we take note of it being 11:38, we should do something Star Wars-related, even if it's only waving a hand at an automatic door (admit it, you've used the Force to open doors all the time). Watch the movies, play the soundtracks, pose an action figure, cut off your son's hand, kiss your sister, electrocute the handicapped, make 3 inferior films which stand in total defiance of the original mythos you created, play with a lightsaber toy, talk like Jar Jar, or get high and say "Star Wars? Man, we're already having wars... under the starrrrs!" and think it's brilliantly hilarious. My point is, 11:38 should be our time to be Star Wars fans every day.

Now if my Trekkie side could only get a 17:01 o'clock...