I was looking through the NBA records book (since I was reading a bio of Pistol Pete Maravich), and noticed a few:

Dominique Wilkins, at least through the '93-94 seasons, had attempted 1,138 field goals in the playoffs.

Jim Ard scored 1,138 points for his ABA career.

Mel Hutchins played 1,138 total minutes in his playoff and All-Star games.

Magic Johnson, after someone obviously told him that only attempting 1,137 FGs in the '88-89 season was weak, hoisted up 1,138 shots the next year.

In the 1976-77 season, when the opening of Star Wars took place during the playoff run then, Lucius Allen scored... 1,139 points. Oh, so close.

Yeah, and in the NFL, Jake Reed had 1,138 receiving yards in 1997.