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    I noticed in my grade book today that a student had earned 11 out of 15 points, and on the next 40-point assignment earned... 38 points!

    [edit] At the end of tonight's Family Feud, the category was "Name a color of M&Ms people would say is their favorite," and the results for yellow and red are seen below.
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    More stats!

    G Kyrie Irving has attempted 1138 FGs on the basketball season so far.
    F Ken Birch averages 11.5 points and 3.8 blocks per game for UNLV's basketball team this season.
    C Travis Zajac has 11 power play assists among his 38 points in hockey.
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    At one point during today's Long Beach Grand Prix, racer Will Power was 1.138 seconds behind the leader.
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    My recycling today came to... $11.37. But if that was the case, I shouldn't post about it here. I realized when I looked in my pocket after walking out of the store that the coin register had given me an extra penny. So, a de facto $11.38 tale!

    Oh, and I forgot: being on the phone with an internet tech this morning, he wanted to confirm the time in my area, and he said "it's 11:38 here." Did that mean good news? We'll see, if the online connection holds up now.
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    Another Family Feud back-to-back categories numbers photo. Also, to earn an A in my junior classes, a student needs to earn 1138.5 points, rounded to 1139.
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    Yesterday's S&P went up 11.38 to 1911.91 (which is a palindrome, BTW). I noticed on our attendance website that our school's student enrollment was 3118 the other day (an anagram of the mystical 1138, of course), but what was odder was that the number went UP a couple days later. Adding students to the school in the last week of classes? Wha-?!?

    I noticed that at one point last night, the on-screen stats showed that OKC guard Russell Westbrook had 11 points on 3/8 FGs (plus some free throws).
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    Since I don't often reset the scores on the pre-installed computer card games, according to the stats, I just won my 1138th game of solitaire. Alone!
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    The sequel to Sharknado had a valve that needed to be closed... or the subway will collapse! Which one? #1138.
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    Looked at my receipt from MickeyDeez the other day: apparently a 40-piece McNuggets (no, I did NOT eat them all myself) and a large fries come to $11.38.
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    Read it and weep: for either the fact that you likely haven't won 1138 games of Free Cell in a row, or the fact that pathetically, I have done so.
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