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    eBay policy/procedure changes

    For those that buy and sell on eBay, there are several changes coming soon. Most notable are the feedback changes.

    Some of the changes are ok, but I think some of the other ones are going to cause a stir.

    While I'm a buyer and not a seller, I still don't think it's fair that buyers will now only be able to receive positive feedback. So I guess for sellers, their only option is to not leave feedback at all if they have a negative or neutral transaction with a buyer.

    Also, eliminating feedback older than 12 months isn't fair to long term eBay users.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post
    Also, eliminating feedback older than 12 months isn't fair to long term eBay users.
    It also sucks for people like me who use it once every few months. I ordered my wife a Pavel Datsyuk jersey T yesterday (she has no clue who the hell he is, but we're going to the Wings/Blue Jackets game February 15th and I figured she'd appreciate it) and I think that was the first thing I've bought on ebay since last August (Detroit Tigers tickets). I have maybe a dozen feedback comments is all and those stretch back to ~2002. Deleting those on me will make it look like I'm new to the game and (correct me if I'm wrong) will make me look bad to future sellers.
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    It looks like the positive feedback 12 months and older won't go towards the %, so we should still be able to retain our current number yes? ie. When I was young and an idiot I got 3 negatives back in 1999, but have had a clean record on eBay since then. So would that wipe out my negatives and give me 100%? I would like to hope so. I also don't like how just buyers will be able to receive feedback and not sellers.
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    So if you get ripped off, you can't let others know about it huh. That really sucks, and I'm glad I got the feedback off on the guy who ripped me off before they changed it all. I've noticed at times that ebay is a little more friendly to sellers than buyes. Heck the sellers that scam ppl were probably complaining to have others boycott ebay unless they made changes. All in the name of ripping ppl off.

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    There are pros and cons for being both sellers and buyers.

    I think with some of these changes there is an equal amount of being "screwed over" going on, just in different areas.

    I don't like the idea of losing feedback older than 12 months either. Thankfully I only have ONE negative and that was from some dirtbag seller trying to swindle me out of my money/item I paid for. He's no longer a seller. So these new policies would wipe out the negative for one of two reasons: It's older than 12 months and/or the seller is no longer a member which means their negatives are purged from the system.

    That can be good AND bad.

    I think it's going to make people a LOT more cautious of using eBay from now on though. Then we'll see if eBay reverts some of these policies of changes them yet again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post

    I think it's going to make people a LOT more cautious of using eBay from now on though..
    Me for one. The first thing I look at when I'm considering buying something is the sellers number of transactions and then their feedback. If a seller has a HUGE sample size and a 95% positive feedback, I wouldn't think twice of buying from him or her. But if they've got a 95% rating and only 100 transactions in the past year, I'd find another seller. People who don't know any better are still goinig to simply look at their positive percentage, not knowing that the sample size has been decreased.
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    If they are going to delete feedback that's over 12 months old, then they really should restrict sellers from deleting your bid if you have a feedback rating of 10 or less.

    I can only guess that this new system is set up to "level the playing field" for new sellers. But, I think it might hurt the new sellers in the long run since they will now only have 12 months to build up a decent reputation before their feedback starts getting deleted.

    Which will mean they'll be forced to sell their items at super low prices just to get a reputation, which will be good for buyers in the short term; but it will likely just cause people to abandon ebay for an auction site with less restrictive policies.
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    Ebay has been riddled with accusations of fraud, and in order to be viable, it needs consumer confidence desperately.

    By having feedback for sellers only, Ebay is encouraging buyers to leave accurate feedback without fear of seller reprisal. It is clear Ebay considers the rip-off ball to be overwhelmingly in the sellers' court. The problem is, of course, that there are a few retards in every bunch, and buyers will complain about things like shipping and handling being too much when the auction clearly states the charges.

    Let's face it, about the worst thing a buyer can do is not pay, and since the seller can recover fees and relist the item in about two seconds, it isn't that big a deal.

    I don't quite know where to come down on this one. The ffedback deleting I don't understand at all! I only sell at Christmas time so that sucks.
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    I don't know how, but I'm sure this is all Slicker's Mom's fault.
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