View Poll Results: Which figure is the best of the best of 2007?

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  • concept Luke Skywalker (Exclusives)

    3 6.00%
  • concept R2-D2 & C-3PO (Exclusives)

    4 8.00%
  • A'sharad Hett (Comic Packs)

    3 6.00%
  • ARC Trooper Alpha (Comic Packs)

    1 2.00%
  • Snowtrooper (Vintage-Style)

    9 18.00%
  • Bossk (Vintage-Style)

    5 10.00%
  • IG-88 (Vintage-Style)

    6 12.00%
  • concept Boba Fett (Basic Figures)

    2 4.00%
  • Hermi Odle (Basic Figures)

    17 34.00%
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    Best Figures of 2007 Showdown

    We're wrapping up January by finishing the "best of 2007" poll series with...

    Which figure is the best of the best of 2007?

    Now that we've done the polls to find out which is the best basic figure, the best Comic Pack figure, the best Vintage-style figure, and the best exclusive figure of 2007, it's time to close out this series with a bang by deciding which figure from all those polls is the absolute best of the best of all of those.

    To make it a little more interesting, every poll's runner-up will also be included here to see if they can't make greater gains, or who knows, maybe even pull an upset to win the whole enchilada. You can use whatever criteria you wish for voting such as sculpt, packaging, coins, price, venue, etc.. It's entirely up to you.

    Keep in mind that you must be logged into the forums to vote.

    And thanks to jedi master sal for suggesting this poll series!

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    This one was a real toss up. I went with Luke here. The whiny little punk never looked so good. Since it's based on art on not Mark Hamil, the likeness is actually perty darned good. Snowtrooper would be my second and the best Imperial of the year. The rest I'll just tie for 3rd since there isn't one of them I really dislike too bad.

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    This is a very tough one, no question, I still cannot decide actually.

    As for Luke, I think it's funny that the best Luke Skywalker likeness of 2007 was on a concept figure drawn as a masked Deak Starkiller. I think the actual figure's likeness is a fair Mark Hamill really, I got that ANH Luke (tho' a little older) vibe from it the first time I took it out of the package.
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    I voted for Bossk - I didn't think he needed an update, but this turned out to be one of the most awesome figures ever.
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    Out of the nine poll choices, I bought three: A'sharad Hett, Concept Fett, and Hermi Odle. My vote goes to Hermi Odle; he's one big chunk of OT background character plastic goodness. I really dislike the soft-goods on him though. Wish Hasbro did Hermi's clothing in sculpted plastic like on his kin Ephant Mon.
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    Voting for Hermi, now that's one nice chunk of plastic. Snowtrooper is my next fav of the bunch then Mr Hett. Boba's cool as well.

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    JediTricks has done a good job with all of these polls.

    Though I wasn't interested in voting for all of them (exclusives, vintage-style) I think the program was run well.

    I came in really with only 2 possible candidates: Hermie Odle and A'Sharad Hett.

    I ultimately and unsuredly chose A'Sharad Hett. Why? He's just more fun for me. I'm not totally sure I voted "correctly," but if Hermie wins, he'll really deserve it. However, Hermie is not (just barely not) another Ephant Mon.
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    I picked the Snowtrooper, who I think was fantastically well done.
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    I'm glad JT added the runners up to the poll, so I was able to reverse my vintage Snowtrooper vote and vote for Bossk like I always intended to. I regretted using my VTAC vote for the Snowtrooper almost immediately.

    Anyways, I think Bossk is easily one of the best Star Wars figures made and I would possibly even rank him above Ephant Mon based on 'fun factor' and 'action potential.' In other words, if you are a kid and you are given a choice between Ephant Mon or VTAC Bossk, which figure do you think you would have the most fun with?

    Long story short: VTAC Bossk = greatest Star Wars action figure ever made.
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    The figure I would have chose didn't make the final cut. So of the choices, I'll pick IG-88.


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