Dear Hasbro,

I have a black book case full of ships dedicated to my Battle of Endor - the space version of it anyway.

There are:

2 TIE Interceptors
4 TIE Fighters
1 Y-wing
1 B-wing
1 A-wing
2 X-wings

Most are currently supported on cardboard struts that came with other vehicles. For instance, 2 cardboard inserts from 2 ATST's support my B-wing "flying."

Yes, I have other ships hanging from the ceiling, but I don't feel safe doing that all over my house in earthquake-land California.

At Toy Fair, we see the Republic Gunship, Slave-One, the Jedi Starfighter, even Anakin and Zam's speeders on specially built support struts.

I know there are currently 32+ vehicles created for the modern Star Wars collection since 1995, and there are plenty more they could do.

I want Hasbro (with the Fan Club?) to step up and begin selling stands for these vehicles to display them flying. They did this for the 12" speederbikes - smartly making them poseable with ball joints so they could be posed maneuvering however you wanted them.

It is obvious Hasbro has made stands to display their stuff at Toy Fair, things are cheaper the more the units are produced and sold. Economies of Scale for those of you Economics majors. You achieve this state of economic efficiency by lowering average cost. So gee Hasbro, would you like to make more money? Sell us the stands!

If not, I vote Ultarama branches into this display arena also.