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    Wave one 08 found in Princeton

    Wave One 08 showed up in Princeton WV at Wal-Marts. As did 7.5 and 8 from TAC, so it was a field day around here, the scalpers were out in full force, and so was the loose collectors...(Me...) All the figs look great, and the only one missing from two cases was commander Gree...

    Honestly, I don't get why someone would prefer a guy in a helmet with little or no back story over a EU character, and if this guy in a helmet does have a backstory it's EU!!!!

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    SWEET, I won't be getting down there for a while, but I hope they make their way up here.

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    Good, means they should start showing up in my neck of the woods soon.

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    Today I found 2-1B and Po Nudo at the Macarthur, WV Wal-Mart.

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    I was out in Princeton today and found diddly on wave 1. I did find the WM Comic 2 packs except for the twins, but I didnt want those anyway. I picked up only the Keller/Marine pack. I didnt care for the bright arse colors on the Fett/Droid pack. They were at Princeton WM. Kmart had poop in a sock as usual.
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