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    Odd TAC assortment at Wal-Mart today

    I found a new case of figures on the pegs this morning at WM (the first since Xmas for that store), but it had figures from several waves:

    Hawkbat Clones (2)
    Rebel Vanguard Trooper
    Torture Rack Han Solo
    Ewoks (2)
    Animated Debut Boba Fett

    There must have been others but I didn't notice. I got one of the Hawkbat clones. It was good to see a refresher case but I didn't know last year's TAC was still shipping.

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    It could be remains of last years stuff sitting around warehouses. Also hasbro shipping revision cases of certain waves. I also saw this assortment. The 7th fleet clone was missing from your liting. I picked up the Hawkbats when I saw it also.
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    I saw this assortment, minus the Fetts, at both Walmart and Target today. There were also plenty of Spirit Anakin and Clone Wars Anakin at both stores as well.

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    I also found these in a Walmart 50 plus miles out side of Albuquerque.
    I picked up 2 Hawkbat Clones one R2-B1 and one Holo Vader.
    I figured it was a revised assortment because I must have been the first one there, as the Holo Vader would be the first to go I thought.
    Looked through the pegs and couldn't find the 7th Legion Trooper. He's the only TAC figure I haven't found yet from 2007.

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    I've seen these mixed assortments for about a week now. The weekend before last I found them at two different Wal Marts. These were shipped in the long shelf display boxes that hold 12 figures. Both had at least 6 or 7 cases, and had figures from Luke Jedi up to wave 1 for 2008. Lots of Hawkbat Clones, Ewoks, Holo Vaders, and Concept Rebel Troopers.


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