Well, I found it. The list isn't complete, but, please notice 2 of the last sets listed.

*Updated list with Action Fleet Ship names plus added two more

76930-46796- SW E2 Action Fleet-$9.96
each/case of 6
76930-46846- *Republic Clone Trooper Drop Ship-$9.96
76930-46847- Hero Transport-$9.96
(*Republic Gunship)
76930-46848- Villian Vehicle-$9.96
(Count Dooku's Solar Sailor)
76930-46849- Millennium Falcon-$9.96
76930-46850- X-Wing Fighter-$9.96

This was found in Wal-Marts computer and posted at another SW websight back in August. Lets all hope there are many, many more to come. I'll keep looking for anything else, and post it.