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    Your Star Wars Toys vs. the Significant Other

    Collecting anything is a very personal element to a life. Rarely do two people who are together have equal interests particularly when it comes to collecting.

    So, if you are just dating, how soon until you reveal your "obsession" with the hottie of the month? Do you let her/him know right away or do you keep it tucked away until you have her/him sufficiently under your spell?

    If you're already married or otherwise taken, how does he/she live with your hobby? Is there full on participation? Is is just tolerance? Or maybe she/he really hates what you spend money on and somehow she/he still wants to be with you.

    Let's presume that if you were completely alone in this world that you would have your collection out for display every day. But since we all like to be with someone else, sometimes compromises have to be made. How does your significant other take to your Star Wars toys?

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    I think I've always lived in the "tolerance" zone. As long as she didn't feel as if it was taking away from our lifestyle (ie we would have trouble paying bills) and it was truly paid for with extra money there hasn't been any concern. I think both of us in any relationship I've had while collecting have had some sort of vice that we liked to indulge in. The difference has always been that an action figure vice is very tangible so you end up with shelves full of figures.

    I remember when I got back into the dating scene I was a bit worried about having my collection on display. Lord knows what kind of comments it would bring. I good female friend convinced me to always leave the collection up as it was a reflection of me and it was interesting. Sure it might be a bid odd but it's a bit easier to accept than someone blowing money on drinking, drugs, etc.

    Now my wife hasn't seen my collection in its full displayed glory yet. I've showed it to her in the many, many, many boxes in the basement but after moving into a house I never got around to getting them back on shelves. She's quite OK with me developing a part of the house to include my collection, just not in the living room or something similar. The plan is to put a den/game room in the basement where I think it would fit perfect. Well see I guess.
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    mmm, my partner enjoys the fact that I have an interest. even if he doesn't participate actively. It's non destructive and keeps me broke enough that i don't go wandering off getting drunk and getting into trouble. Since i divested myself of a major portion of my collection he's happier. though there still isn't any more room in the house because of other collections. I think one of the main sticking points over star wars is value for money. because of the scale of the figures he feels you don't get a lot for what you pay. and is happier when i buy larger scale figures because it's more bang for your buck so to speak.
    I'm 'allowed' a double shelving unit in the dining room to display stuff on and as long as my collection doesn't start invading the rest of the house I'm good. I still get moans and gripes about how much space in the loft I'm using for non displayed toys. and my monthly toy budget sometimes causes grief. usually on overspends. but for the main part we get along fine over it all and I've noticed a grudging willingnes to look at toy shelves in stores for me when he's out and about and i'm home. He won't actually buy me toys but that's mainly because he doesn't know what i have already and he assumes i might have stuff on order. but if i give him an actual list of things he'll go look and phone me to let me know what's there. And he'll drive me to TRU if i ask.

    My boyfriend on the side, (yes it's very continental isn't it. he's french/italian), loves toys though. we buy each other stuff. I bought him a ton of playmates trek figures and he buys me family guy figures. we both went to legoland and spent hundreds of 's on stuff. He also thinks I should keep all my star wars toys and anything i don't want i should give to him in case i want it back at some later stage in life.

    I think this all suits me just fine.

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    Hmmm... I liken this topic to Vinyl Caped Jawas or perhaps Missle Firing Fetts. Expensive to get, and in some cases, impossible to find; some even doubt if they really exist and there's a lot of fakes out there. That's been my experience, so I guess I don't need to conti-
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    My wife doesn't really care one way or the other, probably since I don't buy much anymore and all the bills get paid on time. Also, I don't have my stuff all over the house (which I wouldn't want anyway).
    She doesn't really care for Star Wars but understands I do.
    She's indulged me a few times, like when we were dating she bought me The Magic of Myth book out of the blue and also suggested we go see AOTC digitally (which was her second time seeing it - and she fell asleep the first time) only because I had mentioned wanting to see it digitally.
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    My wife has opposable thumbs. I think she could defeat any toy.
    That's my jacket!

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    My X and I were collectors both. She used to collect Barbies and antiques. Not the run-of-the mill dolls, but the expensive ones. I used to collect guitars, amps, various musical instruments and old effects boxes, and Star Wars, Star Trek. Some antique toys like 5O's Tonkas.
    We were peas in a pod. Though I had only one room in the house. She had one room in the house for her Barbies, and of course the rest of the house for antiques.
    We never made room for kids, as when she wanted them I wanted to wait, and when I wanted them later, she didn't. We had bad timing I guess.
    We split up for other reasons than our collecting (we're still friends)
    Now that I've met other women, I didn't know that a woman who likes to collect and even encourages collecting within reason, is a rare thing.
    What I need to do is go to alot more conventions to meet these kinda women who have a love for the comic book, sci-fi action-figure culture like I do. (good luck huh)
    Though I think I would be a catch.
    I own my own home, am somewhat financially secure, in pretty good health, well rounded common sense guy, not ugly, thin, professional musician (you'd think I'd meet them in bars, but they're usually not the type I'm looking for) I don't do hard drugs (a little hooch now and then) don't hardly drink, don't watch sports.
    C'mon ladies, here I am. Oh I forgot there are no ladies here except Deoxy.

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    I have my collections: Star Wars, BSG, Transformers, Superman, and my wife has some of her own as she collects Care Bears, Matchbox Cars, and Beatles Memerobilia. She doesn't collect near as much as I do but she's pretty tolerant for the most part. The only time she gets on me about it is when money is tight, but I don't sacrafice bills or food for my collection. We have had a few arguments in the area of "Well how much is that gonna cost us?" but we've never had any big drag out fights over it. For the most part she's pretty good about everything.

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    My wife informs me when she bumps my display shelf and dominates an entire shelf.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.

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    Elf thinks it's funny. I don't rreally "collect" but I DO grab the odd figure (deuce mk. II is on my list now) and she will also surprise me with the odd find- she got me the recent re-release of the McQuarrie stormie when she saw it while shopping, f'rinstance.

    And she filmed a few clips used in Rockin Deuce, she is TOTALLY on the 2-1B/ Gimme Dengar trip
    Iso & Baws

    She rocks in SO many ways tho, it's almost hard to comprehend
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.


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