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    Interesting. At least they'll stand out on the pegs and shelves. I gotta say that they're not bad, but hardly my favorite packaging style for any figure line. Would have been nice too see what they look like with an actual figure attached, but oh well...gotta wait until TF.

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    I like it. Kind of neat looking.
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    Very cool. I like it.

    And sorry Lucas, I'm not "breathlessly awaiting" the CW cartoon, but I am looking forward to it.
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    I like it, something new, nice white, that top left corner hopefully won't get banged up too much :P
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    I can already hear the MOC collectors complaining about that top left corner.

    It's alright, but I thought we were done with the "bullet-shaped" Ep3 style cards.
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    Yeah, the return to the ROTS card shape and style is somewhat odd. I don't hate it like I did the TAC design when I first saw it (which ended up actually looking really great), but I will miss the individual cardbacks. I'd like to see how the figure fits in there.

    I really hope the figures are realistic, though, and the card art kind of has me worried (though I doubt they would use movie pictures . . .).
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    I, for one, wouldn't be disappointed at all if the figures are in an animated style.

    The packaging itself I'm rather neutral on. As long as they tear open easily, they're fine by me.

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    I like the white coloring, but I fear a return to the concave bubbles that made ROTS and TSC so bothersome to stack. I hope this doesn't also mean the return of tape to the figure packaging.

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    I definitely like it! It's something different but it fits really nice. They should transition something like this over to the regular line. We kinda had it for the ROTS cards with Vaders head but this takes it a step further.
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