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    July 26 launch date?

    In the announcement on the cardbacks (as seen in the other thread), it says:
    Look for the new Clone Wars packaging designs to hit store shelves on July 26.
    Does this mean there will be an actual launch date, like there was for the prequel stuff? It seems like an arbitrary day if there wouldn't be one. I hope there is an "official" launch, I absolutely loved the ones for the prequels.
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    I thought I read that somewhere once, but I didn't want to get anyones hopes up if I was wrong. That would be great if they did have an official date, and there wouldn't be such a lag in product for the summer.

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    As much as I would love to have another Midnight Madness launch, July 26 is Comic Con weekend where a sizeable portion of their collector base will be. Hasbro must know this.

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    forgot about Comic-Con, would love another MM release but I don't think it going to happen.
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    Didnt they have the MM during c3 in 05?
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    No, because I went to MM with some buddies who also went to C3 (and I didn't go to C3). But I can't remember whether C3 was before or after MM, though.
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