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    No more Clonetroopers please

    Please stop making endless repaints of Clonetroopers. Enough already.
    Each wave lately has had at least one newly painted Clonetrooper. I will not be buying these anymore.

    I myself love Clonetroopers & Stormtroopers but it has gotten beyond ridiculous with the amount of different ones out. Please instead concentrate on yet-to-be-made figures (preferably not EU as well).

    Below is a list of figures that would be good:
    -Cantina patrons
    -Jabba patrons and goons
    -Rebel Pilots
    -Imperial Officers
    -Jedis not made yet from ep2 and ep3. Heck, I'd even welcome a new pair of younglings


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    As crazy as this may sound coming from me (arguably SSG's biggest army builder), I have to agree.

    We now have all the movie clones. We don't need more, especially made up ones that do not pertain to the movies or even ESTABLISHED EU.

    Yes, we realize that the cartoon is coming out later this year. Fine, recard movie clones that appear in the show and those rare few in the cartoon that are new to us.

    However, endless repaints... I can tell you I've soured on these now. It used to be that I'd get 20 clones standard of any clone, with ones I like going to 40 clones and 1 of which I REALLY like going over 120. But enough is enough. I'm down to buying squads (5).

    Really, I'd MUCH rather have Cantina, Jabba's palace, Podracers, and Outlander denizens now.

    We NEED those figures to further round out the scenes.

    Yes, we FULLY realize that those figures for the most of us are a one-time one figure only purchase. However as many army builders have slowed or stopped, this is going to be the case for most figures from now on anyway.

    If you want to continue to garner any money from my overly used and war-torn () wallett, please make the denizen figures. Make then well or don't make them at all. Great sculpt reasonable articualtion for the scenes they are seen in (and can perform the actions of that the scene calls for). If they SIT in the scene, they should be able to sit as a figure, etc.

    I plead with you to not take this request lightly.

    I've already cut my budget in half as I saw no need for expansive army building anymore. Continue to crank out clone (and now Stormtrooper) repaints and that budget will further dwindle.

    I know I'm only one collector, but there are MANY who feel the same way.

    You did a great job of bringing us never before made characters as action figures last year. Please more of that and less clones.

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    I was a completist until recently.

    I'm passing on every "new" Clonetrooper now. I'm sick of them. They're pegwarming. This is going to bite you on the butt, if it hasn't already done so without your knowledge.
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    I agree, Clones are played out. Give us some stormtroopers.
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    Unfortunately, Hasbro has found a cash cow with trooper repaints and only when people stop buying them will they get the idea that the trend has run its course.

    First it was the completists who taught Hasbro that we'll buy the same figure ten times as long as they release it on ten different packages. Now it's the army-builders who have taught Hasbro that we'll buy 20 of any particular trooper figure, then 20 more of the exact same figure with a different paint scheme, then 20 more still of a third paint scheme and so on. Unfortunately, completists and army-builders only represent fringe groups of collectors not the entire collecting public.

    It's the "squeeky wheel gets the grease" phenomenon, meaning that a vocal minority will always get its way at the expense of the majority. Right now, troop building is phasing out and EU fans are screaming to get figures made of their characters, which again is not necessarily representative of the majority of Star Wars collectors.

    So if you want Hasbro to stop making endless repaints of troopers, then don't just build smaller armies. Stop building armies altogether!

    I would love more Jabba's Palace/Skiff Guard figures, which is arguably one of the most neglected areas of Star Wars in terms of action figures in the last ten years.

    Cantina patrons would be cool, but honestly I would rather have SA updates of Walrusman, Dr. Evazan and the Cantina Band, before 90% of the NMB (never-made-before) Cantina aliens.

    Rebel Pilots? Well that depends. Endless Dutch Vander rereleases with different head sculpts? No. Accurate SA versions of the ROTJ A,B,Y, & X-Wing Pilots? Yes, definitely!

    Imperial Officers? Eh. If it's just endlessly rereleasing the same body with different heads, then I'm not interested. And I don't think that every single Imperial Officer who had 1 or more lines in a SW movie deserves an action figure.

    Jedi? There are a few that I'm still interested in, but otherwise, I've lost interest.

    Droids? I'd love to see an update of the R4 and R3 astromech bodies and some of the more unusual Sandcrawler droids, but that's about it.
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    More Rebel Troops!

    feel free to release the VTSC Snowtrooper on a card.

    a highly articulated rebel fleet trooper would be nice

    a few highly articulated X-wing pilots would be awesome as well. I don't know why get Tycho Sellthrough in SA but not Biggs.

    Oh, BTW, thanks for torture rack Han, VTSC Bossk, VTSC IG-88, and McFett. Those figures whupped Arse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbarada View Post
    ...So if you want Hasbro to stop making endless repaints of troopers, then don't just build smaller armies. Stop building armies altogether!...
    Now that would be just plain ridiculous...heh heh.

    Like telling a smoker to stop cold turkey.

    Heck I've cut my army building tendencies by 75%. That's HUGE. And that's for the 20 I used to get. Consider the 40's I used to get are now only going to be 5. That's a decrease of 87.5%.

    I AM speaking with my dollars in this case. I just can't entirely quit though. But I do see that day on the horizon now. If the Clone Wars figures are animated style, I'm done. At least for as long as the figures stay in that style.

    Move along, move along

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    It'd be different if they kept releasing plain, red, and blue Clonetroopers. Those are important. Or even only one new one per year, and available throughout the year in decent numbers.

    It's got to be tough to army build something that's only in one case, given the carpy distribution of late.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kidhuman View Post
    I agree, Clones are played out. Give us some stormtroopers.
    Amen to that KH, and please don't go overboard with painting the Stormies every color of the rainbow.

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    I still army-build Clones, if 2 makes an army.


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