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Thread: Beer Me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeeEye7 View Post
    Here's where I fit in. I LOVE the taste of beer. I can take or leave the buzz, but I absolutely hate the weight gain from it. All the near-beers fail in their attempts.

    Some people love sweets and candy. I'm a bread-aholic. Love the taste of breads and grains. And to me, beer is liquid bread. I wish someone would come up with a tasty, grainy beverage that wouldn't make me fat(ter).
    Oh my God - did I write this? Unbelievable amount of "exact-same-itude" here between you and I, TeeEye.

    I do love me some sweets though, baked goods to be exact. :tubby:

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    Add me to the list of users here who don't drink beer.

    There is a phase as a young adult in where you are basically pressured to drink it, to fit in with the crowd, or just as something you do on a Friday or Saturday night, especially if you are off at school.

    I never acquired that taste despite by best efforts to fit in. Just like coffee and cigarettes, I was grossed out by the taste, and have not forced myself to keep punishing my body with things I don't like, but might after a few more tries.

    Smirnoff Ice, vodka drinks, and 80% of the items from the Applebee's drink menu are my drinks of choice. Sometimes I get called out for drinking these girly drinks, but then I show them my nipples to prove that I am all man.
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    Only beer I really like is Corona Light with lime in HAS to have a lime in it, otherwise I won't drink it.
    During football season, at the Jets bar, I will drink a Rolling Rock or 5...they have specials on those.

    My drink of choice is Crown Royal...I always keep a bottle in the apartment. Sitting next to it is some absolute vodka.
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    I like what Devil King had to say (above).

    I did acquire a taste for beer sometimes, but I go months without drinking, too.

    In spite of what you may think, drinking 1-2 beers does not affect my kidney failure according to several doctors I've asked.

    Alcohol in larger amounts can raise my blood pressure, so considering all the medacine I take to keep that low, I don't need alcohol.

    When I do drink, I now like New Castle - a very dark, rich beer.

    If garbage smells like beer, that's probably because a lot of emptied beer bottles / cans were disposed of in the garbage.

    Devil King was right that it is a point of "western culture" to be cool by consuming a large amount of alcohol. Can you remember an adult party you went to where the life-of-the-party said, "I gotta go make another Kool-Aid run?" However, drinks like Ocean Spray juice and clean water are very healthy for you.

    Do you need alcohol to uninhibit you? Give you "liquid courage?" Think about my posts here... if I could be any more uninhibited, I'd have to be suspended from the forums every other day! In real life I'm a bit more reserved, but I work hard at uninhibiting myself just by sheer willpower.

    Alcohol affects my mood and how well I can carry through my plans or bounce back from any that backfire on me. I don't want that. I like being able to do all that I'm capable of. I drink only when I'm so worked up and excited that I know I'll have difficulty sleeping, etc. Then it's sort of like a night cap for me.

    I go to bars (that serve food) quite often actually. I have no qualms about having the server mix cranberry and pineapple juice for me, or pouring the lemonade. Once in a while I'll have a soda. Frequently enough, I'll order water, especially if I'm eating. To stay healthy, I'll have salads, steamed broccoli, baked POTATOES (! ), garlic bread with spaghetti maranara dipping sauce, etc. You can do to a bar and not order buffalo wings and alcohol. No one really pays attention to what you order anyway.

    I go because I work on my novel at home alone, and would have almost no socialization otherwise. (This helps explain why I post weird, attention-seeking stuff). Ocassionally it helps and I meet new people.
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    Wow! It's amazing to me how my original little "Billy Dee Williams Colt-45" comment mushroomed into this interesting discussion about substance use / abuse. I love it.

    THIS is a lively topic!!! However Mr. Daddypants is RIGHT, we should probably continue this over in its OWN thread:

    In an effort not to HIJACK this thread any longer, I'll make this my absolute final comment on the topic (here in this thread) and any further commentary can continue over there.

    Also, please excuse the length of this post, but you may find my stated viewpoint interesting if you take the time to read it:

    I am 40 years old. Happily married for 8 years. An active home-owner, and proprietor of my own business. I take care of myself by eating right, excersicing, and practicing spirituality to strengthen my mind (no particular religion). I am civically-minded, I vote, pay my taxes, and I keep abreast of current events around me.

    This is who I am today. And in my YOUTH, things were very much the same.

    I was a teenager all through the glorious "excess days" of the 1980's. So I know all about the social pressures to fit in with your peers who were drinking and doing drugs.

    I am very PROUD of the fact that I was stong enough of character, dignity, and self-respect (even at that young an age) to be able to see the SHEER STUPIDITY of their narcotics use / abuse for what it truly was, and to REFUSE to succumb to their "peer pressure". I NEVER gave a $#it about being called "square" or "un-cool" so I NEVER chose to get high, and I never will !

    Forcing POISON on your body that alters your lucidity, personality, alertness, self-control, and state of mind can be described as nothing else in my view.

    It is a COLOSSAL waste of time, money, mind, and life.

    For EVERY SINGLE hard, drug-addicted person that you show ME who has ever irrevocably destroyed his own life and / or the lives of others, I'll show YOU someone who began by drinking alcohol or smoking "harmless" marijuana on "... evenings and weekends only..." and who were doing it in "...moderation..."

    I don't say this to attack anyone. I'm not interested in that. I'm only voicing my views on the subject and (hopefully) offering some food for thought.

    I know that some will disagree with my politically-incorrect statements. And I know that some will even ask how I could attack something as "harmless" as weed when it is a "... natural product of the Earth..."

    Well, there are many natural products of the Earth, and not all of them are "harmless" to the human organism. Poison Ivy is "natural" too. Would YOU roll around naked in a bush of the stuff? Well, I suppose you could, but that TOO would be FOOLISH, HARMFUL, and INCREDIBLY STUPID. Being "natural" is a poor argument for the "harmlessness" of marijuana.

    Not to mention the fact that the marijuana GARBAGE that you purchase from your local CRIMINAL street pusher is NOT exactly the pure, organic weed of the Earth.

    Would YOU allow YOUR small child to be driven to school by an individual if you knew that this individual had recently smoked some "harmless" marijuana that made them feel... "mellow"?

    There is a lot of talk of "casual" drug use in this country. Folks saying things like "I only do cocaine in moderation... weekends only. It doesn't control me."

    Well I'm here to tell you that it DOES! If you feel the need to get high (even once in a while), then the substance IS CONTROLLING YOU. The desire to get high can ONLY exist in an individual when self-respect, pride, and self-dicipline are ABSENT in that individual's life.

    Searching for (or desiring) an alternate state of mind (by getting high) can only mean that you are un-happy with your current (sober) one.

    Now we all have moments in this troubled world where we are un-happy with the state of things. Bills piling high. Not making enough money. Troubles with the boss, or the spouse, or the kids.

    You name it.

    But no one ever said that life would be a cake-walk.

    Sure, there are some folks who choose to get high, and to ignore their problems and responsibilites. These people have the juvenile tendency to ("occasionally" or regularly) dull their senses with narcotics and to allow their un-resolved issues to grow, fester, and contaminate their lives like last month's garbage.

    The result is that their life's challenges are NEVER confronted or eliminated, and so NEW ones are just added and piled on. And of course, after a while, these individuals, seeing the insurmountable mountain of ENDLESS CRAP that their lives have become, spiral deeper and deeper into the NEED for more substances to "forget" their problems.

    I find it interesting that these people's LACK of self control, organization, and discipline spills over into virtually ALL aspects of their lives (Re: Constantly being late to appointments, un-clean un-kempt disheaveled appearence, poor personal hygene, no self-pride, and living quarters that often border on dangerously filfthy and un-sanitary. Their personal spaces are usually plagued with mess, bad clutter, horrible smells, weeks-old discarded food containers and open beverage bottles and cans, and almost always, a game console running 24/7 in the corner making funny sounds.

    Are there some "stoners" that DO NOT fit this profile? Probably. But in my experience, they are the exception to the rule.

    Then there are some people who choose to NOT EVER get high, and soberly and responsibly confront their life's problems as they come up. These mature-minded people work hard to eliminate all personally debilitating issues from their lives, leaving themselves free to be PROUD of their accomplishments, their families, and their lives... yes even while sober. People like that generally are punctual for appointments, they maintain a neat appearance and good personal hygene. And as far as their living quarters go, they usually reside in beautiful, well-maintained spaces.

    Now... I know that none of you KNOW me personally. And, as far as you are concerned, I could just be talking out of the side of my face. But I'll put MY money where my mouth is and CEMENT this final point. I don't believe in hypocricy and I practice what I preach:

    1) I'm NEVER LATE for appointments.

    2) My self-pride, and self-dignity are fully INTACT (in case you haven't noticed).

    3) Here is my photo (once again for anyone who missed it. I am obviously NOT the best-looking guy in the world, but this is a good example of my PERSONAL APPEARANCE virtually every day that I go out into the world. I believe in looking like, smelling like, and conducting myself as a true gentleman should:

    And as for my PERSONAL LIVING SPACE, here are some photos of my Brooklyn apartment which demonstrate the standard that I choose to live under... for myself and for my wife. I have NO outside housekeeper, and I personally handle ALL cleaning and maintenance of my home.




    -Roberto DARKLORD Williams

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    I take exception to your assumption that people who do drink socially or smoke the occasional joint have no self-respect. Not doing so doesn't make you smarter or more respectable. It's kind of narrow-minded to assume that everyone who does drink a few drinks has spent the majority of their life not showing up for work or apologizing for their behavior. I respect your descision not to do so. I'm 28 years old and I have a closet full of suits and a great job that requires I wear one everyday. My descision to enjoy a drink when I'm out at a club hasn't prevented me from accomplishing that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devil King View Post
    I absolutely DO NOT understand this concept. What is the point of non-alcoholic beer, or ales for that matter?

    Ginger ale, ginger beer, root beer, and birch beer are all carbonated beverages brewed from various plant roots. None of them are supposed to have alcohol, despite having the same names (which may be due to the production process, I dunno).

    The ginger ale I referred to above isn't supposed to have alcohol, or to taste like it. It does, however, retain most of the "bite" of ginger, which is quite strong, and which is toned down to almost nothing in most ginger ales. Between the ginger flavor and the carbonation, it produces the same "burn" as many spices.

    Good stuff, I might add. It's one of the sodas that's made on a small scale, using more natural ingredients than the big boys. (I didn't say they're entirely natural, but I can pronounce all the ingredients and know what they are when I read their names.)

    Non-alcoholic beer is a sad joke. If beers that had flavor (mostly ales and stouts from English-speaking nations other than the USA) were made as non-alcoholic variants, I could possibly see people enjoying the flavor. But they're all made to taste like American pee-waters like Budweiser and Coors, which are two of the nastiest liquids you can get in a bottle. (Most Miller and Michelob beers are the same, though those two companies do make one or two fairly decent beers each.)

    I've not been a heavy drinker for years. However, in the interest of flushing out my kidneys regularly, I drink one or two (always imported or from a smaller brewery; why pay less if it tastes like crap?) per week. I don't have anything like the kidney problems Tycho has, but I have a long family and personal history of kidneystones, which are not at all pleasant, and beer has the right balance of alcohol and water to flush them out before they form.

    If you've never had stones, you don't want them. Trust me. And I've been lucky enough to never have a really serious case of them, either.
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    I have had 8 kidney stones. My first one passed when I was 20. I'd been having back pain for about 3 months and just assumed I'd been sleeping wrong. Then, the pain started moving down my back. One morning I was getting ready to go to classes, took my morning pee, got in the shower, felt like I had to pee again, got out of the shower and tried: BAM! That was when it hit me. I had to crawl, butt-naked, down the hall to my bedroom and call my roomate who came in and put my pants on me and drove me to the hospital. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but that was the most terrible pain I have ever felt.

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    Hehehehe he said butt naked.

    I tell ya what's bad. getting so drunk you end up in a bedroom that isn't yours doing things with someone you don't know then ending up with something nasty you have to go the clinic for and having swabs taken from unmentionable places by a quack with cold hands an even colder speculum and no compassion.

    pain i can deal with. loss of dignity is tougher.

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    Wow. That was quite the...ummm...story...MDP...

    I've still gots for ya.
    Up, up, and OKAAAAY!!!


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