* AT-TE: The vehicle is indeed "huge", as we caught a glimpse of in the CNN video. It will feature a motorized troop deployment door though, and electronic sounds as well! If other rumors hold true, this vehicle could very well be to-scale to the figures!

* Clone Trooper Helmet: This Role-Play Toy is going to have something extra to it. The word is that there may be a holographic projection feature that works with the visor. Could kids have the Emperor send Order 66 sent to them?

* New Clone Wars Figures: The new line is indeed going to be animated... sort of. The figures will be a mix of animated and realistic styling, with the heads looking more like their 3-D animation counterparts, while their bodies will look more realistic. The animated styling seemed more "overall" on the battledroid figure however, and not just the head. The figures may be akin to the Obi-Wan in Armor figure recently pictured in Previews, where the head had a noticeable difference in sculpting to it.

* AT-TE Part 2: The AT-TE's troop door mechanism will actually be 3 troop doors that open simultaneously. The walker holds 20 Clone Troopers as well, and will have not just sound, but lights also. Cost in the U.S. should be between $100 and $120. Again, our sources stressed it is "really big!" to us as well.

* Clone Wars Figures, Part 2: The Clone Wars Figures look to be proportioned and articulated to the standards of the basic line. Lots of super articulation, nice sculpts, just that the heads are in the "animated style" compared to the more realistic sculpts (as noted above). However, this could leave Hasbro the opportunity to simply put new, realistic heads onto these figures as a way of capitalizing on fans of both styles as well. Jedi seem to come with Clone Armor attachment accessories. People who dislike action features will also be pleased to hear that there are no features on these figures so far!