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    NJO - Dark Journey

    Well, I've read the first 60+ pages and I'm very excited. From what I've read so far, many of our questions may start to be answered. Does Chiss and Imperial Remenant mean anything? Read the book and you decide.
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    It's about darn time the Chiss showed up again. I figured there would be a romance type thing between Jaina and Jag Fel when they first introduced him. I haven't started reading this yet, but I am looking forward to it!!

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    Well, I just finished reading this last night!

    The book certainly lived up to it's title. I had to keep asking myself, what is going on in this girls head?!?!?!?!


    Ok, I was a little let down with this book. It left soooo many thing not only unanswered, but UNTOUCHED!

    I am used to multiple story lines and switching between characters. This was MUCH less prevelant in Dark Journey. I understand that the novel was primarily about Jaina, but come on!

    Where is Jacen? What has happened to him?

    What is really going on with the Chiss? Sure, we see Jag Fel and good ol' Baron Fel (Briefly), but what about the rest of the Chiss?

    The author seems to elude to the Invaders mentioned in "Specter of the Past" and "Vision of the Future"! But they do not seem to have been VONG? Maybe I read it wrong, but that's the way it came across to me. So who were they? A NEW unanswered question!

    When EXCACTLY did these young Jedi get cut loose? It seems that they are now acting of their own accord without ANY council from Jedi Masters (or WORSE Kyp Duron). It seems like they were kids at the academy then they go on this mission and now they get to do what ever they want.

    Some of them left to rejoin the Jedi...eventually, but I would have thought that would have been their first priority when they got back. Well, that and saying good bye to the DOZEN or so young Jedi that Troy Denning killed in Star by Star!

    On a brighter side I did like the way Elaine Cunningham worked the story line with the Hapan characters. Ta'a Chume as "former" Queen mother and Tenel Ka as the reluctant new Queen mother! Not to menton Jag Fel commanding the Hapan Fleet.

    Perhaps all of this will pave the way for a new alliance. It is clear that it will take the combined efforts of the Chiss, Hapes Cluster, Imperial Remnant, New Republic, and Jedi to defeat the Vong. Perhaps we are seeing the first real steps.

    With Tenel Ka leading the Hapan people and giving Jag Fel command (if only temporarily) we are seeing a new way of thinking...a new leadership. This Young Jedi and now Queen will be VERY instumental in unifying the galaxy against the Vong.

    I am looking forward to the next installment.
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    Now that this is getting into spoilers, time to jump in!

    I didn't care too much for this book (as far. I just want to smack Jaina around. What a snotty, whiny, spoiled little Jedi brat. Everything she does is so clearly of the Dark Side that it's painful to read about her prancing around, completely oblivious. Doesn't she freakin' know better?

    Speaking of knowing better, I'm getting really, really, really, really sick of Kyp Durron. If any of the current breed of Jedi Masters know the dangers of the Dark Side, it's Luke and Kyp (and possibly Zekk and Kam, but they're beside the point right now). Why is Kyp running around like a borderline Sith Lord? Yeah, in the end he decides to go back to the fold, so to speak, but it's too dramatic and abrupt a change in character for me to buy it. Poor storytelling, IMHO.

    And Jacen. Jacen. What happened to Jacen? When last we saw him, he was a captive of the Vong. And they wanted to keep him alive to duel with Jaina. And then, without so much as a death scene worthy of such a major character (or even a minor one), he's supposedly dead. I didn't even catch it because, like so many of the scenes in this novel, I had a hard following the action (or lack thereof). So Nom Anor has Jacen, and suddenly he dies. Everyone feels it except Jaina (whose reasons I didn't think were adequate) and Leia. And at the end, Harrar wonders if he didn't survive. Wouldn't Harrar know better than anyone, except maybe Nom Anor or Jacen himself?

    I didn't care for the sudden demise of Khalee Lah. Other than Nom Anor and the (now dead) Shamed One from Edge of Victory, he's the only Vong I saw as a remotely interesting character.

    And how come Hapes can completely rebuild its fleet in a matter of a year or two, completely in secret?

    And my favorite part of the book. . . . When did Tenel Ka get an amazing disappearing-reappearing arm? I remember for certain that she's decribed as having two in Teneniel Djo's death scene (it's mentioned when she's holding her mother's hand and when she shows the ring), and I think it happened a few other times. But at times, Cunningham hammers us over the head with the fact that she only has one.
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    Well folks, I finished up the book today. Overall, I liked it. I have some of the same reservations and questions as stated in other posts. But I'm sure these questions will be answered in the next duology, Enemy Lines.

    Think of this book as "your first step into a much larger world."

    I'm looking forward to the next NJO book, but in the mean time I have Approaching Storm and several other SW books to keep me going.
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