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    Imperial Uniform Colors?

    Here's the four I know of:

    Black & White

    I even know some of the designations, but I wanted the valued input of my fellow fans.
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    I believe gray was a color (ie- Capt Piett)

    Now what is the black and white uniform. Are you referring to the one worn by Senator Wolfe?
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    Ah Hah! I found a website that describes Imperial Uniforms.

    As for the grey/green thing, I think it is more of an olive drab. And when I put black & white, I meant black & white uniform. This relates to the Imperial Security Bureau. Wasn't one of the officers at the meeting on the 1st Death Star dressed in such a uniform? Name slips my mind.

    Anyway, here's the link at
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    His name was Wulf Yularen.

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    Thanks Rollo!

    The Encyclopedia spells his first name with 2 L's. Besides being part of the ISB, there's not much to know about him. Which reminds me, characters we know nothing about: Captain Antilles. Why is he not in there or the character's guide. Maybe he'll be in the new one.
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    Capt. Colton Antilles. He was a fine chap. Until Vader broke his neck. For all he knew, he WAS on a diplomatic mission from Alderaan. Vader asked him where the ambassador was and then killed him before he could answer. The big meanie.

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    Here's a site I found sheding a little light on Imp Uniforms:

    Click on Imp VIPs

    I think it is safe to say that in ANH Imp uniforms were Olive but in ROTJ they were Gray.

    As for Antillies this site also has him listed as performing 3PO's memory wipe (which makes sense in regards to his Prequel adventures but wouldn't be as fun a him knowing and not telling).
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