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    Very nice, very nice. Kudos to the costume department.

    It's hard to picture you as the mean SOB who offed my ancestor, however!
    ¡Que la fuerza te acompañe!

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    Several who've seen the play have mentioned that very point, TI. So I guess I've done well, then. What did Jon Lovitz say? "ACTING!"

    We start our last three shows tonight.
    CU Later. Contracted Universe? Later. :(

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    You look so much like the actor who played Thomas Putnam in my production of the Crucible, it's almost scary! Is there a particular "Putnam look" every director goes after?

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    Ever since I had seen Tim Burton's Sweeny Todd, I have wanted to see an actual stage production. There is one coming to Ames but I have to work.

    I was going to go see King Lear with Ian McKellan when it came to Minneapolis a few years ago, but that didnt happen. But I got the DVD of the production. Here's a trailer.

    EDIT: Hah hah looks like you can watch the entire play right on the website. I didnt buy the DVD, it was given to me.
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    Went to see our local theater's A Christmas Carol last night, in its second run of an every-other-year tradition. Saw several actors and directors I've worked with. It was fun.


    Scrooge changes his mean ways at the end.
    CU Later. Contracted Universe? Later. :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post


    Scrooge changes his mean ways at the end.
    Thanks for that, Bel-Cam. Now there are at least 10 Christmas movies I don't have to watch.

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    My college is putting on an adaptation of A Handmaid's Tale and I'm going to be a soldier with just a few lines. It's my first play, so hopefully I don't screw it up too much.
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    Ah, how many times have I said that very phrase (minus the "first play" part) myself...

    Congrats on making the cast, JJL. Break a leg!
    CU Later. Contracted Universe? Later. :(

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    Thanks! Tonight is opening night. I've since switched from a soldier to an Eye, which is a higher-ranking sort of officer, and I also play a shopkeeper and a reporter (all of these may or may not be the same character . . . I think they are). The director has been changing many aspects of the play both big and small so I hope we can pull it together and make it work.
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    I got "noticed" yesterday! A student said to me upon entering the school's library, "I saw you in that play, The Crucible. Who were you again?" It took me a moment to remember Ol' T.P.'s name, but I said he was "the one the audience was supposed to hate and boo." But alas, no autograph request.

    Oh, and I saw our local production of Rent last night. Powerfully good acting, even if few are local actors (this is a different category of "local theater," as it brings in talent from all over due to the popularity of the script; last year, it was Sweeney Todd). Great show.
    CU Later. Contracted Universe? Later. :(


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