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    The Live theatrical production of The Addams Family is playing in San Diego. I hope I can see it.
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    Saw a very moving and well-acted Diary of Anne Frank at the school this past week. Minimalistic set (for obvious reasons, based on the setting for the family), emotional scenes, some interesting directoral descions (which made the play even better). Best dramatic play I've seen done at the high school since I've been there (11 years now). Bravo!
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    I realized I hadn't posted about my most recent play attended: a high school production called Boeing-Boeing. It was about a playboy who juggles his three flight attendant fiancÚs' off-duty schedules, set in 1960s Paris. Funny farce style that made me actually laugh aloud (not just for politeness or smiling). This was about a month or so back.
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    On its last day at the Pantages (the matinee showing, evening one was the last last show), I saw The Book of Mormon. Uncomfortably funny at times, very funny at others (I began reacting too soon at a joke once, apparently, based on no one else in the audience laughing ), quite a few SW and sci-fi references throughout, good songs. I enjoyed it.
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    School performance of The Women of Lockerbie, based on the plane that crashed in the area around Scottish town, back in the 1980s. Very good job by all involved.
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    Our local community theater is really good: saw a very good children's (so the playbill said) The Prince and the Pauper. The stage effects were great, actors were spot-on, nice blend of humor and emotion, great crowd reactions. No intermission, but it was around and hour and a half, so not long at all.
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