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    Anyone remember Intellivision?

    I know everyone knows about Atari but what about Intellivision? This was out in the 80's and was a step better than Intellivision. My parents still have it packed away and I was able to play it again several years ago.

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    I got a collection of Intellivision games for the Playstation from my brother-in-law when he gave me his PS2, but haven't really played it much. I guess it's what you played back in the day that you feel nostalgic for, since I play the heck out of stuff like Yars Revenge and the old Activision games.
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    I know of the Mattel created system. The original model was marketed as the Radio Shack Tandyvision, the GTE-Sylvania Intellivision, and the Sears Super Video Arcade. A second sleeker model (known as the Intellivision II) was later released with added features.

    It featured several add-ons. The first was the Entertainment Computer System (also known as the ECS). It was designed with the idea of transforming the system into a home computer. A second add-on was the System Changer (which only worked for the Intellivision II). This gave the Intellivision the unlicensed ability to play Atari 2600 games. There was also the Intellivoice (a voice synthesis device which produced speech when used with certain games) and a music keyboard add-on for the ECS add-on.

    It was also the first console to feature a notable downloadable game service (similar in idea to today's Virtual Console, Xbox Live Arcade, and the PS Network). It used a special adaptor (like the Sega Genesis's Sega Channel or Super Famicom's Satellaview) known as PlayCable to allow local cable-TV system operators to send Intellivision games over the wire alongside the normal TV signal.
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    Intellivision was really cool for the time. Was way better than Atari. I know Coleco vision was out then too but I never saw that or played it so can't compare to it.

    Some of the games that were my favorites are:
    -Burger Time *like the arcade game, really fun to play.
    -Dreadnaught Factor (Activision) *most of the Activision games were way cool
    -Astrosmash *could play this game for hours at a time. Usually I would just get sick of it and stop playing.
    -Mission X *game was like River Raid or 1942 and you would be in a P38 'Lightning' and would just destroy stuff.
    -Lady Bug *same as Pacman but you were a bug eating flowers and veggies instead of ghosts and fruit.
    -Advanced Dungeon & Dragons *a few different games and each was kinda cool
    -Sports games *these were cool for the time but my favorites were Football, Car Racing, & Bowling.

    I also had Intellivoice and had the following games:
    -B17 Bomber *awesome game. Would be a game where you would fly bombing missions over Europe and could destroy targets like factories, AA guns, Airports, and even ships.
    -Bomb Squad *kinda cool, had to defuse bombs
    -Tron 'Maze-A-Tron' *never liked this game
    I think I had one more but can't think of the name.

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    I was just in Kmart today and saw Intellivisions greatest its for PS2. I hadnt thought about that system in forever. I never had it as a kid, but do rememer it.
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    Wow. you're taking me back there. I had an Atari and my next door neighbor had Intellivision. I remember he had a Masters of the Universe game. Pretty cheesy now that I think back on it, but it was fun when we were kids.

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    My brothers and I had the Atari and went through a ton of joysticks. My favorite game was the simple PONG on the Olympics cartridge. The PacMan and Space Invaders cartridges were great too. I also got pretty good at the Empire Strikes Back game with the AT ATs.

    A friend of mine from school got Intellivision and I remember not being terribly impressed at the time. It was supposed to be cooler because they had more 'detail" than other platforms. For instance, the boxing game added an actual hanging light over the ring for added "realism." Of course by today's standards, it was hardly anything, but at the time, those extra touches were a big deal.

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    My uncle and best friend both had Intellivision systems, so yes I remember it well. It blew the Atari right out of the water in sports games. The baseball and hockey were really, really good comparatively speaking.

    The controllers were attached to the deck via those curly, stretchy phone-type cords, and actually looked more like telephone handsets with a control disc at the bottom than conventional joysticks or joypads. I remember for each game having to slide a flimsy plastic overlay through narrow slots on the controller- these quickly got bent and misshapen if you didn't handle them carefully (which, in turn, made them a pain in the butt to insert properly).

    The other outstanding games that I recall playing were Tron: Deadly Discs and Astrosmash.

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    I had the MOTU game. It was ok. I loved it when Heman and Skeletor would fight. Sounded & looked like they were fighting with huge kitchen knives.
    The cooler thing was flying in the Wind Raider. I remember thinking that at each level you would fight a different villian and Skeletor would be the last but that didn't happen and I remember being dissapointed.

    I also had ESB and fighting the At Ats. However I always thought it was pretty lame because that's all you did was fight them and shoot at the red block on the body somewhere to down them.

    Other cool games I remember:
    Poker & Blackjack - came with the gaming system. Was pretty cool actually.
    Space Armada - Intellivisions version of Space Invaders.
    Reversi - like Othello
    Space Battle

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    I had COLECOVISION. It was a big step up from ATARI, with two controller buttons and even a keypad. What was really rad were the accesories- I had a steering wheel and gas pedal to play TURBO! It even had an add-on port to play ATARI games. I don't know how they got away with it.

    The system really lost steam once they tried to make it into a full fledged computer that would work on your TV. Yes, they really were trying to do that 25 years ago.
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